Awards Bundle

One of my friends called me up and asked if I could make some chocolate wrappers for her daughters birthday party.  I got to work right away and made a quick sample.  When I sent her the preview she fell in love.  I've got to say that I fell in love too!  I knew that these would be something that my kids would get totally excited about.

I left all the text completely editable so that you can use them for any occasion!  This file includes 75 wrappers!  You can find them by clicking HERE

You can find also find them in my Awards Bundle below:
This bundle includes the wrappers and my Editable Certificates.  Both files can be used throughout the school year and are perfect for end of the year celebrations :-) 

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Mother's Day, EOY Gifts, and a Teacher Planner

It's the end of the year and there is so much going on!

1. We did our Mother's Day projects and I love how they turned out!  My husband picked up some sealer and sealed all our precious handprints :-)

2. I found my EOY gifts for my kids! I can't wait to personalize them with my Cricut.

3. A friend asked me to make some chocolate wrappers for her daughter's party and that led me to create some wrappers for my kids!

I printed them out on some color paper and they really pop :-)

4. This beautiful bookshelf arrived from Lakeshore! I love it!

5.  My first EC teacher planner arrived!  I can't wait to start using it!
You can use my link HERE and save 10% off your first order if you're interested ;-)

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Writing and Fun New Supplies

Happy Friyay!

I was scoring my kids' writing and I am so incredibly impressed with the progress that they have all made.  It's hard to believe that just a few months ago, they couldn't write one word and were drawing stick figures!  Something I love about first grade is that the kids learn and grow so quickly!

We are wrapping up the school year in Arizona.  We have five weeks left!  We are reviewing past skills and I made some differentiated rubrics for the skills my kids are working on.  Feeling accomplished :-D
Writing paper available HERE.

I found some fun items at Target!  I absolutely love this mint stapler and tape dispenser.  The color is beautiful!

A friend at work sent these over to me! These pens are so nice!  I love how the case props itself open.  You know you're at the right school when your teacher friends get your office supply addiction :-)

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Fun T-shirts, Egg Dying, Parent Communication, and Testing

Hello! It's been a while since I joined Five for Friday and I missed it!  Here is a recap of what I have been up to. 

1. I am hooked on making t-shirts!  I made one to celebrate spring break and it may, or may not have become my SB uniform.   You can make them pretty easily with a Cricut and iron on heat transfer.

2. When we returned to school after spring break, we had just enough time to do some Easter activities. One of my favorite things to do is dye eggs.  I work in an area where most of our students don't get to do this at home.  We dyed the eggs and then we did some how-to writing.

I recommend getting this egg dying kit! It was by far the easiest kit to use.  The measuring lines were already on there and it doesn't require boiling water.  The colors were so vibrant too!

3. I put together my newsletters and calendars for April almost a week ahead of time! That may be a first for me ;-) 

4. State testing has started up at my school.  Each year we get partnered up with an upper grade class and we send them letters of encouragement as well as fun testing treats.  I had to print them on Astrobrights paper of course :-) 

5. Have you seen these Scaredy Squirrel books?  I had seen them and they never called my attention. I picked on up and I'm hooked! They are such fun read alouds and best of all, you can use them to review how-to writing, maps, diagrams, and how to read a schedule.  I must have them all!

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Free Labels

Raise your hand if you love shopping at Target?  I bet that's many of us :-) 
I recently saw an Insta post by @teachingmaddeness that made me run out to Target and find these caddies in the Target Dollar Spot!  They are a hot item so they are selling fast!  I finally found a stash of them at one store and got to work on some labels. 

 I have to confess that just looking at my caddy makes me a little happy ;-) I shared my picture on Insta and had lots of requests for the labels. 

Ask and you shall receive :-)  The labels below are for FREE. They are available in black or white and the best thing is that they are editable. Have a bee theme? Add some bees to your labels :-) I'd love it if you could tag me so I can see your finished caddy! Find me on Insta @learninginwonderland

Hope you have a great week and thank you for stopping by!

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Time Saving Name Tags

I'm a huge fan of anything that will save me time!  I need to replace my name tags at least twice a year (my kids have breakfast int he classroom and food ends up spilling all over the tables) and something I dread doing is taping them down.  I've tried attaching them other ways, but nothing works for me as well as packaging tape.  

So this winter break I started to make some name tags and then a thought occurred to me-why not make it so that I need just ONE strip of tape to cover the whole name tag?  Duh! That will save me so much time! So I got to work and created name tags that fit within the width of regular packaging tape!

This is what they loo like:
I'm looking forward to using these babies when we return to school!  They are nice and thin so they will also save lots of room on student tables.  

You can find my editable name tags by clicking HERE.

I made sure to include lots of kid choices :-) Take a peek below:
Since they are editable, you are also able to use them for any other purpose.  I'll be making bookmarks for my kids as well :-)

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Silhouette Ornament

I think I found my all time favorite Christmas ornament to make for my students' families!
One of my favorite things to do is to use my student's pictures in projects.  A few years ago I started using my students silhouettes in projects too and they have been a HUGE hit with parents.  Do you already own the file below?  If so, you can now use that same Photoshop tutorial to make some silhouette ornaments!

After using the tutorial from that file, you can then follow the tutorial below to cut your silhouettes on vinyl using a die cut machine (I use a Cricut).

{An alternate route is to take pictures of your students and cut them out by hand.  You can then use those cut outs to trace them around vinyl. }

This is what you will do:
I picked up the vinyl from Amazon, the transparencies are from Office Depot, and the ornaments are from Hobby Lobby.  (Try to get the plastic ones if possible.)

Don't have transparency sheets or vinyl?  You could make the cut outs using a die cutter or cutting by hand on paper.  Then laminate the paper.  You can then follow the rest of the steps to create your ornaments :-) 

Once it unrolls {you may need some tweezers to help you get the cut out positioned}, it will look like this:
Just add some ribbon and you are done!

I cut the silhouettes out at 2.18 inches, but I'm thinking of cutting them out at about 1.8 inches to leave room for some snow at the bottom of the ornament. 

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