Using Clothespins to Display Student Work

I'm linking up today with Owl-ways Be Inspired to show you how I am using clothespins in the classroom.  I use clothespins a few different ways.  One of my favorites is to display student work.

This is the display I created:
I created it with some scrapbook paper, clothespins and some ribbon. 
The clothes pins make it SO incredibly easy to put the work up and take it back down.  I love it!  I especially like these longer ones I've only been able to find at Target.  They were about $2 for a large pack.  
 The bows added some color without it being overwhelming.

The great thing about this display is that it looks good even when nothing is being displayed and when there is something to be displayed, it frames the work beautifully! 

Here is an example of one of my displays:
I got tons of compliments from teachers and the parents love looking at the work here.  Even my students said "Woah!" when they saw it all done.  I love that it's right by the door so parents can take a peek at our work in the morning while they drop off their kids. 

So how do you use clothespins in your class?  Link up your ideas over at Owl-ways Be Inspired :)


  1. Awesome! How do you glue the pins to the board?

    1. I just clipped them to the scrapbook paper :)

  2. Beautiful! Did you hot glue the ribbons on?

    1. Thank you Erika! I tried using glue dots, but they fell off all the time! I then hot glued them on and I didn't have that problem anymore :)


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