2 for Tuesday

I'm dropping by to share a 2 for Tuesday deal for today.

Today two of my best sellers are 50% off!
There's a lot in the Let's Get Organized set, so I've included some pictures to give you a closer look.

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Monday Made It - Woodland and Monsters

It's Monday again and it's hard to believe that the month of June is almost over! Last year I created woodland themed labels for my classroom.  I actually shared them for Monday Made It last summer!

 Here are a couple of those pictures:

I ran out of time last summer to put all the labels together but I got a chance to get them done this week and here they are:
Labels available HERE
My second made it has been on my list for many months.  My awesome friend asked me long ago if I could make her some monster labels for her classroom after she saw my woodland themed ones.  They are making me want to go with a monster theme :-)
Labels available HERE

Have you been busy creating and crafting?  Make sure to link up for Monday Made It!


AZ Blogger Swag Bag Prize!

Hello!  This past week the AZ TpT/Bloggers got together for the first #AZbrunchandBubbly meet up hosted by the amazing Ashlyn form The Creative Classroom.  We've gotten together before, but it's typically a dinner at a restaurant, so this was something completely new and something I'll be looking forward to every year :-)

Take a peek of the fun below:

 We even got to talk to Amy from TpT, that was definitely one of the highlights of the day!  If you take a look at the first picture, you will see a sponsor table.

Thank you to the sponsors:

Some lucky AZ bloggers won some goodies above and at the end of the day we were surprised with some swag bags for each of us! I've never received a swag bag before, so that was exciting! So here is some exciting news for you!  We will be giving away THREE swag bags by entering the Rafflecopter below.

This giveaway ends on July 5th at 11:59pm. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monster Time!

I think that one of my favorite things about summer is catching up on requests I have for products.  I love to create but I don't have much time for it during the school year.  The summer means I can tackle my list.

One of my top requests was for a set of monster themed labels.  I got to work and here they are:

If you are interested in them, they are available by clicking the picture below:


3-2-1 Teacher Bio Link Up

Happy Saturday!  It's time to join the Weekend Warriors for a fun link up!  We want to learn about you so make sure to grab the images at the bottom of the post and tell us about yourself with a 3-2-1 Bio :-)

1. I taught second grade for seven years and moved down to first last year.  I was so sure that second grade was my all time favorite grade, but I have to say that first grade is so much fun too!  My favorite thing about first grade is seeing my 6 year olds become actual readers and know that it's happening because of what we are doing in class.  It's a thrill!

2.  My passion for decorating my classroom has grown tremendously thanks to blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest.   I make sure to go in a little early in the summer and get things set up the way I want them.  One thing I've noticed is that when my classroom decorated, I end up putting things in strategic places and that means things are organized.  And oh my!  My year is so much smoother when I am organized.  

3. I hope I'm not the only one with this issue.  I have a love/hate relationship with teaching writing.  Math is easy, it's black and white and you can teach different ways to get to an answer, but the answer will always be the answer.  It's not like that with writing.  Teaching children how to write is NOT easy, but I do have to say that reading my kids' writing is my favorite part of my day.  Especially when they are sharing their writer's workshop writing for the day.

1. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I have a total Netflix obsession!  When doing anything, I have Netflix going on in the background.  And, I am known to go through an entire run of a show in a matter of days.  Summer=Netflix Binge Watching!

2. It all started with an iPod many years ago, and when you add just one more gadget and you see how convenient Apple made it to sync everything together…you end up hooked on all things Apple.  Now if only things were a little…ummm…less pricey?  Apple addictions and teacher salaries just don't go together…and TMI alert, I was making first year teacher pay until this past year :-(  So my purchases meant lots of saving and sacrificing.

My husband and I were hoping to go on our honeymoon to Japan.  It never happened and we still think about it every Spring when the cherry blossoms are blooming.  It'll happen one day!

Now it's your turn!  Please grab the buttons below and tell us all about yourself.


Woodland Critters

My theme last year was a woodland theme with a brights mix.  You can see my class tour below:
I created many woodland items and but didn't get a chance to finish the full set.  Summer means I have a lot more time to create so I was able to finish this set up.  I am thrilled with how it came out.  Check out this video below to get a peek inside:

I am all about making things cute, but not by sacrificing function.  These labels will make your room cute but more importantly, they will help you stay organized!

Click below if you are interested in seeing this set :-)

I have some coordinating products in my store, here is one below:
Happy organizing!

2 for Tuesday - Melonheadz Style!

I'm back to share another 2 for hosted by Chalk One Up for the Teacher!  Through Tuesday both these items will be marked down 50% off.  If you miss out on the Tuesday deal, don't fret!  These two items will remain on sale 20% off for the rest of the week.

Today I'm sharing two highly wish listed items from my store:

These schedule cards can be used to display your daily schedule.  I included all the kid designs in every color so you can coordinate them as you would like.

They look like this when finished:
The cards are editable using PowerPoint, so you can create cards for any purpose in your classroom!

Next up are my editable field trip badges.
I think we can all agree that field trips are a big deal!  My school requires that all children wear badges when going on field trips.  This year I was thinking about how special these trips are to my kids and realized how nice it would be if my kids could have a special field trip badge that they could wear and get to take home as a keepsake.  I created these ones for my kids below:
I printed them on brightly colored paper and laminated them.  My kids were thrilled to find out they were going to get to take them home.  Parents were so thankful for them too!  They were able to put the badge in their album along with some pictures they took at the field trip.  It added something special to our day.  This is definitely something I will do every year for my kids!

Pick them both up 50% off through today only!

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Monday Made It

I got a little crafty with the help of my niece!  I made some of these apples for teacher appreciation week.  She loved them so much she came by to visit and asked if I could make her a "teacher apple" for her to keep her money in.  How could I say no?  So she and I made a new little apple for her room.
If you would like to make an apple like this one, head over to The 36th Avenue's Blog.  She has a step by step tutorial showing you how to make them.  Very easy to follow!

Next up, last week I showed some organizational labels for bins I made for a friend.  I received some requests for different colors.  Instead of making a set of blue ones, pink ones, green ones etc. I decided to put all the bright colors in one set.  You can mix and match the labels to create a colorful look, or use one color for the entire design.  Each color comes in multiple paper designs to give you even more choices.  

Here they are: 
A close up of the toolbox.

 These are the To Do drawers shown in the other colors.

Below are more labels that can be used to create weekly drawers, subject drawers, or anything else.  I provided every pattern with and without the white labels.

You can pick up this set by clicking the picture below :-)

Have you checked out MMI?  You are sure to find inspiration through the link up throughout this summer :-) 
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