Lightbox Inserts and a FREEBIE!

Are you a lightbox fan? I love them so much that I own all three difference sizes! They are just so much fun :-)

A few months ago I released some inserts for the lightbox mini. Shortly after, I started getting requests from teachers that needed them for the standard size box. I had time this summer to resize and redesign them and I'm loving how they turned out! You can purchase this fun new set by clicking HERE or on the image below:

Lightbox Inserts for the Classroom

Want to see what is inside? Take a peek below:

Lightbox Inserts for the Classroom

Lightbox Inserts for the Classroom

Lightbox Inserts for the Classroom

Lightbox Inserts for the Classroom

Lightbox Inserts for the Classroom
Pre-made and editable designs are included in this set. 

Want more info about how you can use a lightbox in your classroom? Check out my post loaded with info by clicking on the image below: 
Lightbox in the classroom.
Have a lightbox and want to try an insert? I have a freebie that is perfect for back-to-school time! Click HERE to pick up a copy.
Free lightbox insert for the classroom! Perfect for back to school time!

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  1. What type of paper do you use to print on for the inserts? I've tried different kinds from Amazon and they didn't print well at all. Do you have a link to what paper you use to print on? I would love to buy some of your products but don't want to waste ink on paper that is useless. Thanks So Much!

    1. Hi Deb!
      I wrote a detailed post all about the lightbox and it has links in it for the exact transparencies that I used :-)

  2. These are super cute! After reading your post I noticed that my local Walmart had light boxes that look identical to the one you used for 9.99. It even includes a set of letters and numbers. I purchased it & can't wait to try out your designs.


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