Oviparous Animals

This part of the year has flown by!  I feel like I barely got to know my class and they are leaving soon.

We have been having a blast this month.  First with Easter and now moving onto oviparous animals.  I'm trying to teach frog life cycles, reptiles, birds and anything else I can squeeze in right now without confusing them.

I spent a couple of days last week on frog life cycles and quickly moved on to turtles and guess what?? Some of their writings said that "first a turtle hatches out of an egg, then it grows two legs and then two more legs and it's tail disappears" :( Oh no!! Note to self: don't teach frogs and turtles in the same morning or this is what happens.

So after we clarified the difference between frog and turtle life cycles we read a Scholastic magazine about turtles.  This issue was for the month of March but I wanted to wait to use it when teaching oviparous animals.  The issue was pretty good!  Kids loved it and it's easy to read.  Great vocabulary and photos too. We then did a craftivity created by Amy Lemons.  You can get the copies here and she even included the writing paper for this one.  She is awesome!

Here are some pictures of some of the activities my kids did.

I love how this student said that turtles have to run for their life:)

To start the month off we died eggs in class.  Many of my kids had never done this at home.  We then wrote directions for dying eggs. 

We also did our egg ordering project.  This project comes from the Evan Moore April book.  I highly recommend it for grades 1-3.  Sometimes I get their books and they aren't great.  This one was packed with useful resources.

I will be back with some frog activities we have been doing:) 

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