American Symbols and Bugs!

I am using Deanna Jump's America unit for the month of September.  I've always taught American Symbols in February but I always ran out of time.  I have also always run into the dilemma of how to teach about September 11th.  So this year I decided to focus on America in September and tie everything together.  So far it's been wonderful!  I taught about the flag the week of 911 and we are working out way through the symbols.

Here are some pictures of our activities.
I received Time for Kids, Weekly Reader, and Scholastic News last year and my class voted on saving the issues for my future classes! So I organized them and have them ready to go for my themes.  My kids this year are loving them!

I love how Time For Kids sometimes includes a large edition of their magazines!  I was so excited when I remembered that there was a specific issue on the bald eagle.

This tree map was directly from Deanna Jump's America unit.  Even the graphics are from there.

I also read a chapter book each month to my students.  This month we are reading James and the Giant Peach.  The students are always so curious about those insects that they hear about so I placed my insect unit  (Deanna Jump's unit to be exact) in September as well.  The kids have been loving every bit of it!

Here are some pictures of what we have been doing.
This graph was from Deanna Jump's Insect unit.  The kids were supposed to make a survey and graph of their own but in order to conserve paper, I took the chart route.
I found the idea for this anchor chart on Pinterest right here
Jump's unit also includes this really cute poem.  We glued them into our science journals and highlighted the rhyming pairs.  We then drew and labeled the parts of an insect.
I'm not sure how long we will spend on insects.  I have never taught a unit on insects but it has been fun and interesting so far.

Synonym Rolls

Our second grade team decided to work on synonyms this past week.  I love working on synonyms because it can really help to expand children's vocabularies in a really easy way.

We made our synonym rolls in class and the kids got to make their own synonym chef hats!  

So cute!  Totally not our idea, this was all inspired by Cara Carol at the First Grade Parade. 

Each grade has a board display in the cafeteria so we got together and put up our second grade board after school.  The kids came in the next day and flipped out!  They loved seeing their synonym rolls on display.  The letters were cut out using a Cricut with the "Hello Kitty Font" cartridge.  The little chef was also created using a Cricut.  I cut him out from the "Everyday Paper Dolls" cartridge at about 10 inches.

Here is one of my cuties making her synonym rolls and wearing her chef hat!
This idea is also from Cara Carol! She is amazing:)

I also received my famous sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies! I have been using it for over a month now and I am currently working on a review.  If you've had any doubts in purchasing one, stop rethinking it and buy one! It's everything you've heard about and more!

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