Elf On The Shelf

We've been having so much fun with our dear friend Jack.  To get us started we did some elf activities.

We applied to be Santa's Elves first.

This activity is so cute! This idea is from Cupcake for the Teacher.  The original idea was for the kids to create a face and to write a story about elves.  But I wanted the kids to dress up as elves instead and we attached the elf application to the body.  Soooo cute! If you look closely you can even see that the kids had to get finger printed to apply :) Everything here is included in her file.
 The kids blended in so well that Jack wanted to hang out with the rest of his elf friends!
We are so fortunate in having Santa come to our school every year.  Jack left the morning of Santa's visit. How else would he tell Santa who was naughty and who was nice??  I then snuck up to speak with Santa right before my kids got to go to him and asked him to say a little something about Jack.  The kids freaked! They kept talking about how Jack is now at the North Pole and how he is the newest elf:)

I have some more stuff in store for my kids with our little elf friend.  He may be gone but he has not left our hearts!

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  1. Your elves are adorable! So glad you liked my unit.. thank you for the shout-out!! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

    1. I LOVE all your files dearly! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

  2. LOVE these cute little elves!! I cant wait to do incorporate this idea next week during elf week!!

    Check out my newest blog when you get a chance....


    1. Thanks for visiting! I will be visiting you shortly :)


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