Christmas Around the World and More!

We are finishing up our Holidays Around the World book bag from Second Grade Shenanigans.  LOVE it!! If you want to see the other countries we have visited, click over HERE.

Here are some places we went to this week:
The kids decorated a little piece of coal because it's considered good luck to receive a piece in England. 
 In Italy the kids learned about Befana and made this little broom to remember her by.
I remembered that I had this book by Tomie DePaola.  Perfect!

We also went to Mexico and made a poinsettia. 
I love it when we can tuck our projects into the bag book to save our crafts.
We continued on into China and made some dragons.  So cute!
This cutie was really proud of her dragon!
We also went to Germany and made a little gingerbread craft.  I forgot to take pictures, but I did take some pictures of the gingerbread cookies I made for my kids.  Four hours of work and I didn't think they tasted too great :/ but the kids said they were delicious.  They especially liked the royal icing, go figure. 

The kids also wrote letters to Santa and we displayed them using a craft from Erica Booher.
Find the craft HERE and the writing stationary HERE

I spent HOURS making my student's Christmas presents.  It took forever but it was worth it.  To create them I used my Cricut to cut the vinyl and then used transfer tape to add the names to the bottles.  They kids were stoked!
I will have to add a close up of one of them, but here they are on my students' desks.

We ended the week by watching the Polar Express.  Santa himself brought us bells from the North Pole!! Yep, we have our very own personal Santa here:)

We wrapped up the last day of school by taking home parent gifts.  These ornaments were easy to make and super cute.

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Student Ornaments

It's Monday Made It time!  I love it when Tara posts for Monday Made It on Sunday :)

So I spent all last night making these ornaments for my kids.  They turned out really cute and they were very easy to make!  
If you would like to make them for your kids, this is what you need:

1. Glass Ornaments- These were from Hobby Lobby.  They measure 2 5/8" and came in a box of 12 for $7.99.  They were 50% off this weekend.
2. Student Pictures- Printed on regular copy paper
3. Round Punch - Mine came from Joann's and measures 2.5 inches
4. Fake snow
5. Ribbon
To make them:
Just print out your pictures and cut them out with a round punch.  Roll up the picture and insert into the ornament.  Put some snow through the opening and put the metal top back on.  Last add some ribbon.  Like I said, pretty simple and the kids love them!  A couple of years ago I made them using pictures printed on transparencies because I saw that done online (can't remember where) and I couldn't even see the kids.  I'm not sure if it was a printer problem or the transparencies I was using, but it was a big fail!  

This years ornaments were much easier to make.  If you have any problems with the picture not unrolling, take some long tweezers and play with the picture a little.  That fixed most of mine up.  The snow was easy to put in, but make sure to not get the kind that is overly flaky because the flakes tend to cover the picture.  The stuff I used was really easy to get in there.  I even had some snow filled dreams thanks to these ornaments!

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Christmas Crafts and More!

We began the week with the Grinch. I used this idea from The First Grade Parade and A Cupcake for the Teacher to create these:
They decorated the outside of my windows and the kids just loved them!

Our elf Jack also joined us right before the Thanksgiving break.  It seemed really early for me, but Santa comes to our school and he is coming a week early this year.  Since Jack has to leave the night before Santa comes (so he has time to travel to Santa to tell him who's been naughty or nice) he had to make an early visit. 

Here he is:

I sneak away while my kids are doing an activity and remind Santa to drop a word to each of my kids about Jack at the North Pole and you should see my kids when they hear Santa talking about Jack!! They go nuts!  We miss Jack like crazy, but he makes sure to stay in contact via his letters.

These letters are so tiny!  The envelopes are about an 1.5 inches wide and about an inch tall.  We usually find the notes tucked in one of our read alouds for the day.  I wonder how Jack knows which books we will read each day?  

Since we were in our elf craze, the kids applied to become one of Santa's elves using one of Mrs. Cupcakes awesome crafts!  I love how they need to get fingerprinted to apply! 
They were so cute that Jack wanted to join them:)

Cyber Monday came around and I purchased an awesome file.  It's from Second Grade Shenanigans, it's called The Ultimate Holiday Bundle and in it came the Holidays Around the World Bag Book.  I am in love!  I wish I could share my kids' reaction to these books.  One of them yelled "I can't wait to start this!" another said "I've never made a book like this before!" We have only made one of the little crafts so far and they were so ecstatic about their little book.  Here is a little peak at our books so far.

For the America project, the kids made this little string of lights.

Here's my favorite part.  After making the craft, it goes into the little pocket as a keepsake of their "travels" around the world!
This has now become one of my all time favorite projects!

Now we are working out way through all the Christmas books!  There are about 30 of them all around the room, so we are reading a couple each day.  I LOVE Christmas books and my kids do too!

On a personal note, my husband "gave" me my gift early this year.  [I kind of picked it out and he paid for it :) ] It's a new camera lens.  I wish I knew how to use it like a pro, but I can't, so I'm playing with it for now.  I took all of the pictures above with my new lens.  Definitely not perfect, but it's a start.  Here's a fun one I took of some flowers against my tree.  I love how the lights look with it.

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More Mo Willems, Oceans, and Thanksgiving!

I didn't get a chance to share some of my Mo Willems activities and here they are:

We spend a month reading Mo Willems books in November.   I try to read 1-2 of his books per day as time allows. The most beloved character is Pigeon of course, so I spread those out throughout the entire month.  We read Pigeon Finds a Hotdog and I gave the kids tiny hotdogs!  Last year I bought some hotdogs that were a bit expensive, so I was thrilled when I found this package for only $6 and there were enough for everyone in class.

I found them at Wal-mart. 

We then did this craftivity by Linda Kamp that my kids adore! 
You can get a copy here.  The kids had to write reasons why people should eat hotdogs instead of turkey on Thanksgiving.  Really cute stuff!

We ended the month by reading Don't Let Pigeon Stay Up Late! I invited them with these little invites: We then read We are Invited to a Party!

On Friday, we had our Pigeon party!  The kids got to wear their Pigeon hats and I made them some Pigeon cake pops.
They also got to wear their pajamas and bring a stuffed animal.   This Pigeon party and PJ idea is from First Grader At Last.

Pigeon also joined us on Pigeon day!
I found him at Barnes and Noble.

Onto oceans:  After reading Jellies from our Journey's program, the kids got very interested in ocean exploration.  We somehow began talking about subs so we did this little sub unit:

You can find it here.

We also made these cute scuba divers! 
You can find it here.

These went on our outside windows and some went on our bathroom door.

We wrapped up the last day before Thanksgiving by having some pumpkin pie!  Turns out most of my class had never tried pumpkin pie before so I had to bring some in.  If only I had remembered to bring in the plates and forks!  

At home: Thanksgiving
My husband made his famous pumpkin pie cheesecake and a banana cream pie!  I love both, but the banana cream pie was amazing!  I made the whip cream from scratch :)

I also made my first chalkboard art for Thanksgiving day and I loved it!  I even used real calk!  It took a long time and it's still sloppy but I'm very happy with it.  I found the design here.

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All About Subs {Informational Text, Craft, and Writing}

We are currently reading the story Jellies in our Journeys series.  Well, my kids are loving the under the water thing.  They got very curious about sea exploration and that brought me to talk about subs.  There isn't much out there about subs, so I got to it and created this:

You not only get this CUTE craft with writing forms:

You also get this little informational reader!  

Here is a little peek inside:

If you are interested, please head over to my TpT store and pick up a copy :)

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Last Day of School, Mo Willems and Turkeys!

Time for Five for Friday!

Last night was my last official day of school.  I made this awesome frame for us to take pictures with.  It was a great hit :) The frame is from Hobby Lobby and I cut the letters and apple with my Cricut.

We had serious fun with this frame!  I was the photographer and the only thing that stinks about being the photographer is that you rarely end up in the pictures :)

We are having tons of fun with Mo Willems and they really enjoyed a book I've never read before…Amanda and her Aligator.  They loved it so much that they wanted to make a something for them, so we made some thinking caps.  Wish I had taken pictures!  I completely forgot!  I tried to find some Amanda and Aligator clip art and couldn't find any so I made some to create a picture prompt.  I loved how they turned out!!
I love how pigeon showed up in this one and how alligator is dreaming of the thinking cap!

I love this face!

These stories made me laugh!  This picture prompt will soon be added to my How Random file on TPT!

We also made these Knuffle Bunny writings from First Grader at Last and Second Grade Shenanigans

We also made these cute turkeys from Apples and ABC's!
They turned out so cute!  I used my Scholastic Weekly Readers to write facts about Turkeys.

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