Busy Week

This was such a busy week.  There was so much to do but my kids had a blast.

We started the week with MLK introductions.  I was really surprised that this year NONE of my kids knew who he was.  I was saddened by it but we took care of business and learned all about Dr. King.  We read Scholastic Weekly Reader and Time For Kids.  These magazines save me!  So much information and it's always presented in the most interesting way for my kids. 

Then we made these awesome snow globes that were floating on Pinterest land.  Thank goodness for helpful parents because they did most of the work in assembling them with a hot glue gun.

We got started with penguins finally!  I usually start the first day of the third quarter but I wanted to finish up my mammals unit before moving on to penguins.  Time flies third quarter!
Then, late this week, the materials from my Donors Choose grant came in!  
I was really looking forward to using this one about penguins.  Gail Gibbons is awesome!  She is my partner when tackling the CCSS.
We also continued working on elements of literature and dug deep into character.  This graphic organizer was perfect for my kids!  This is one of my ELL's work.  She has improved so much. Still have a lot of work ahead of us, but she is able to do this independently now which is great!
This is from The Teacher Wife's unit in the Reading Comprehension Two packet. 
Ok, so those were some of our activities that we did this week.  Now link up over at Teaching Maddeness and share what you did this week:)

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  1. Your snow globes turned out adorable! I LOVE teaching non-fiction!! Congrats on your grant goodies and yay to you for introducing your kiddos to MLK! What a great week!

    Teaching Maddeness


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