Tomie dePaola

This week on Show and Tell Tuesday we are to share something about books that we love.  I am OBSESSED with picture books.  Even if I wasn't a teacher, I would have tons of them because I love them so much.  I have many different favorite authors but my all time favorite is Tomie dePaola.  He is such a talent and I hope to one day travel out to the east coast and meet him.  Too bad he only tours across the country :(

So here are some of my favorites:

First, Strega Nona of course:

This is my favorite of the Strega Nona series:
This one is hilarious!   It's definitely a must read.  I have a huge soft spot for Anthony and his shenanigans :)

A March favorite by Tomie is:
This is a good read to reinforce being a hard worker and not being lazy.  Plus there is a tricky leprechaun in it.

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President's Day Washington

1. In my quest to get healthy, I've lost 25 pounds since December :)

2. My Donors Choose grant was funded for close to $800 worth of picture books.  Can't wait for them to arrive!

3. I finished my 4th class in my master's program.  Five left to go! It's so hard going back to school while having a full time demanding job.

4. My lanyard came in from Thirty-One. It was time to replace my 4 year old broken lanyard!
5. Classroom happenings:
We began learning about presidents this week.  I started using this incredible file by Katie Knight aka Teacher to the Core.
We read this passage multiple times for fluency and added it to our social studies journal.  They summarized their learning and we completed this adorable craftivity. The kids had so much fun with it!
Here are some of my favorites.

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Teachers Pay Teachers Purchases!

Can I just mention real quick that I was super sad that I missed the sale? I'm not sure why but I thought the sale was for Sunday and Monday, so when I went to check out on Monday you can just picture my face when I went to pay.  I had been waiting for quite a while to purchase those items though so I bought my stuff anyway.  A few people still had some items for sale which really helped!

I've primarily switched over to TPT resources exclusively because the resources are teacher tested and kid approved, teachers actually understand what it is that we are trying to teach, the value is unbeatable, I get free updates, the resources are accessible to me anywhere with an internet connection AND it supports teachers.

Here are my favorite purchases (out of the many) that I made.

This file is called American Heroes.  It included fluency passages that are leveled, assessments, a timeline, and CUTE craftivities! Teacher to the Core never disappoints :)
This next one had been waiting on my wishlist for a few months!  Loads of useful stuff here!
 I am so excited about the super "e" craft that comes on this one!  It is adorable and it will help me teach those long vowels.
 This one looks like loads of fun! I've been wanting to make ice cream with my kids so this will go perfectly with my plans.
 Have you seen Amanda's Biography Unit?  Just incredible!
 My kids were struggling with coin identification so this file was highly needed!
So there you have it! All my favorites from this last haul :)  Now to find the time to print and organize all of it! 
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Student Cards and Desk Tips

It's Monday which means it's time for Monday Made It!

Valentine's Day always has a way of sneaking up on me so I decided to get ahead of the game and I made some quick Valentine's Day cards for my kids.
I ran out of birthday cards so I made some too.  I like to keep them as gender neutral but this pink owl was just too cute so it's all girl.  I love stashing a bunch in my desk and having them ready to go.  I feel so bad when I don't have a card for a birthday.
Here are some close ups.  Loving the way they turned out!
I finally got a chance to print out these Dr. Jean's Cheers I found over the summer!  I could not believe they were free!!  My kids are LOVING them.  I laminated every page and put them on a ring.  They hang above my whiteboard and whenever we need a cheer, they are right there for us to use. 

 Not sure if this counts as a made it, but I "made" my classroom quiet with a genius tip from Mrs. Terhune.  She ties her desks together with zip ties and boy did it work to quiet things down in my classroom!  I thought I was going to go crazy with the noise my desks made.  (Most of my room is tiled.)
Thise are the zip ties that I used.  I got them from Lowe's. 
Ok, that is all for now.  Make sure to link up with Tara for Monday Made It!
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