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This week on Show and Tell Tuesday we are to share something about books that we love.  I am OBSESSED with picture books.  Even if I wasn't a teacher, I would have tons of them because I love them so much.  I have many different favorite authors but my all time favorite is Tomie dePaola.  He is such a talent and I hope to one day travel out to the east coast and meet him.  Too bad he only tours across the country :(

So here are some of my favorites:

First, Strega Nona of course:

This is my favorite of the Strega Nona series:
This one is hilarious!   It's definitely a must read.  I have a huge soft spot for Anthony and his shenanigans :)

A March favorite by Tomie is:
This is a good read to reinforce being a hard worker and not being lazy.  Plus there is a tricky leprechaun in it.

Make sure to link up with Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade to share some of your favorite books and check out everyone else's must reads. 


  1. I love Tomie DePaola! I always read Strega Nona. I'll have to check out the other books this year!

  2. I love Tomie DePaola too. Strega Nona was a book we read at a workshop and I bought it the next day. =) I am your newest follower, drop by.

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