Five for Friday

My spring break is going by WAY too fast! I haven't had much time to relax or even plan.  But I am taking care of some stuff that has been put to the side for far too long.

I reached 300 followers on my little blog!! I can't believe it!  I am currently in the process of setting up a giveaway with lots of talented teachers :)
I am finishing up an ant unit and hope to have it posted soon on TPT.  I really admire teachers who put units together regularly.  They take TONS of work!
This week I decided to get a pair of Toms.  They are comfortable and they support a good cause!
I am participating in another teacher's 300th follower giveaway.  Click on the picture below to enter this giveaway at We Heart Edu:
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Pinspired #9 -Author's Purpose

My kids need a lesson specifically for author's purpose and I found some inspiration via Pinterest today!
Stephanie at Falling into First has some incredible ideas that involve the kids writing to persuade the teacher to give them a slice of pie.  She even gives the kids individual ice cream pies!  CUTE stuff! She includes these posters you see above for free at her store. Click HERE to see her post all about her lesson.  I am going to prep this lesson this week so I can teach it when we return from spring break.

I am on vacation this week so I will finally have some time to get caught up with my homework for grad school and I will have some time to plan!

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Writing, Leprechauns and Conferences

1. Parent conferences are over!  My last one showed up a bit late but I had all of them show which is great!

2. Spring break is next week and I am excited to take some time to relax and get caught up with some planning.

3. We finished up our autobiographies this week.  They turned out so well!  You can see some of our pictures here:
 4. We were able to make another symmetry project that I had originally planned for last week but we ran out of time.  This idea came from Mrs. Davis.  The kids write their name on a piece of paper and cut around their name.  They then flip the paper over and create a monster within the outline.  They then wrote an "biography" about their monster.  They were adorable! I forgot to take some pictures of their biographies...
 5. We even had a bit of time to make some quick pots of gold and they were ready in time for parent conferences.  I made the little leprechaun with my Cricut.

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Testing and Leprechaun Fun!

I had so many plans for this week but I ran out of time.  We spent two days testing and it ate up way more time than I expected.

1. I got some new shoes and they are so comfortable!  They are called Go Walk Slip Ons.  Good shoes for teachers who are always on their feet :)

2. I am halfway through my 5th class in my masters program.  It feels like school is never going to end! I love gaining new knowledge but some Thursdays I just want to go home and get some rest.  It will be worth it in the end though.

3.  I'm still trying to eat healthy and found out that plums are really low in calories :) I've also been snacking on popcorn.

4.  My kids rocked our district assessments improving over 20% points since the beginning of the year.  I am so proud of them and we had a small cookie celebration when we got our results.

5. We made our leprechauns this week.  My kids needed something fun after all that testing!  I was inspired by Mrs. Lirette who combined the leprechauns from A Cupcake for the Teacher and The Teacher Wife's pots of gold to make these cuties:

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Fun Week

I am ready for a break!  There is so much to teach and we have tons of testing next week!  We had some fun this week with dental health and Dr. S celebrations!

I recently received an art grant through Donors Choose and we got these frames in which we can display our art.  This wall is in the front of the room and it looks amazing.  The kids take so much pride in their work.  You can find these frames at Lakeshore.
Now onto what went into our frames:)  We have been learning about dental health and we used my first file I ever posted on TPT and it's a freebie.  The kids wrote directions for how to brush their teeth and created this cute craftivity.
I love the teeth on this next one:)
We made these Celebration Cakes from A Cupcake for the Teacher and they turned out so cute!!  If you haven't picked this file up yet, make sure you do because it was so fun and the kids loved making it and writing about one of their favorite authors!  Teri, thank you for sharing! You are the best :D
Now randomly speaking, I was shopping at World Market and found this cookie jar that I had to have!
It's filled with Kisses for our "kiss your brain" cheer.  Only problem is that My BFF and I end up eating most of them.  I'm thinking of filling them with a candy that I'm not so crazy about.  Maybe Hugs?  Any suggestions?

I am looking forward to this weekend because I get to spend some time with my godson! Babies grow so fast. 

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