Owl Craftivity and Oviparous Fun!

What a week! It's been so busy and the year is winding down, but there is still so much to do!

1. We made our owls for our end of the year project.  The kids had so much fun remembering all the great things we did this year!
 They then wrote about what they would owl-ways remember from second grade :) 
You can pick up a copy here.
2. We celebrated Earth Day with an Amy Lemons craftivity!
3. We have been learning about oviparous animals.  We began with a quick schema chart:
 Gotta love their illustrations:

And...birds eat women?? Not sure where that came from.
The next day we categorized our animals and added more animals that we knew laid eggs. 

4. We read our scholastic readers and wouldn't you know it was about turtles? Just perfect for our egg laying theme and then we wrote about sea turtles and created this cute craft by Amy Lemons. 
Sorry about the glare! The sun wouldn't cooperate with me.

5. Our classroom received a $100 donation through our PTO  from a parent.  That has never happened before, so it was a huge deal to me:)  We were able to get ahold of some much needed resources for our class!

Now to plan for next week! 

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End of the Year Owl Craftivity!

I am so excited about my end of the year owl craftivity!.  My class just made it today and it was a huge hit!  I need to get my display ready ASAP!

It is called Owl-ways Remember and the point is for the kids to think back to what they did this year and write about their favorite memories.  The kids loved it and we had a great time recapping the year.

Before having them write, we gathered on the carpet and we talked things that we did, what we learned about etc... Lots of fun memories came up.  We all got a little teary eyed!

We then got to writing and made our owls.  They had so much fun.  We also talked a bit about puns because the title of their writing is "I'll Owl-ways Remember Second Grade."  (Forms are included for K-3rd) I heard a bunch of owl jokes for the rest of the day :) My favorite being a kid named Aldo saying "my name is now Owl-do!"

So here are my little owlets:
Here we are having fun with our recap!
Look at this elegant pair!


Let's Get Acquainted! My Classroom

This week Mrs. Reed asks that we share our 3 favorite areas in our classroom.  So here we go:

1. My Frame Wall!  
On the first day of school I take pictures of my kids and put them in these frames.  Instead of rushing to have the kids write something I just put their names under their pictures this year.  It was just a temporary idea, but I noticed that the kids used the names all the time when they were writing letters in centers so I left their names up.  The point of it was for it to feel like a family photo wall.  It has added a great sense of community in our room!

2. My Author of the Month Wall. 
The kids look forward to reading these books.  I wanted to do this since I began teaching but I didn't have enough books for each author.  I decided to invest in books and it has paid off!  My kids use the books to make predictions and write stories about the ones that we haven't read yet.

3. My objectives board.
I have struggled with ways to post my objectives but I found the solution thanks to my Cricut!  Now the objectives look nice and organized while being useful!

4. I know, it's supposed to be three, but this isn't really an area and I love it so much!  It's the string that hangs across my room.  The kids love seeing their work on display this way.

So now head over to Flying into First and link up your classroom photos!


Ant Life Cycle

Our ants finally arrived and were were able to start our ant unit.  I never would have guessed that ants could be this much fun!  The kids loved them, and so did I and the other teachers! 

They arrived in this little vial in the mail and they were furious because it was pretty hot in the mailbox.  We had to put them in the fridge for 10 minutes before relocating them to their new home!  We wrote up some observations right away.

We read this little nonfiction book that explained the life cycle of ants.  I love looking at their drawings of the different stages!

We are continuing to learn about ant and frog life cycles next week.  The kids can't get enough about animals.  It's perfect prep work for research report writing. 

Onto some other news: 
We have 6 weeks of school left!
I finished my 5th master's class and have 4 left to go (including the one I'm working on currently).  If you ever get a chance to do your masters in a cohort, do it!  It has been amazing!

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Easter Craft

I was looking through my blog today and realized I never shared our Easter projects from A Cupcake for the Teacher!  They are a must do for every year because they were so much fun to make and the kids got so creative with their little bunnies.

Here are some samples:
They made me smile every time I saw them! 

Thanks for stopping by!
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