End of the Year

The end of the year is very near!  We only have four days left and one of those days is a half day.

There is a linky party going on right now over at the Clutter-Free Classroom all about the end of the year.  

You can choose to answer any of these questions:

  • Share your tips for wrapping up the school year.

  • What is your favorite end of the year activity?

  • What is it about summer vacation that you are most looking forward to?

1. To wrap up the school year I try to remember to keep things as consistent as possible.  I notice that whenver I slack on my management, or my routine, the kids act differently because nothing is predictable or normal.  Kids love consistency and I have to stay on top of that.  Another biggie is making sure that I praise good behavior as much as possible.  Things can get very negative real quick if I'm looking for the negative behaviors.  Using my clip chart helps to promote the positives.  

2.  I usually do a quick end of the year activity on the last day of school, but I wanted to change it up and try to add something that gave the kids a chance to reflect on our memories of the year.  So we completed two end of the year activities that my kids have loved.  The first is this "Owlways Remember" activity.  The students got to share their memories of the year and everyone got a little teary eyed.  The owls they made were so cute too!

We are also making a memory book about our super year using Linda's "What's Your Super Power?".  So many great activities in this one!  I will be posting about this as soon as my kids are done with the books.

3.  I am most looking forward to resting this summer.  This year has been so busy and I miss having down time for myself.  Once I'm done lounging, I would like to take some time to clean and organize my house.  We purchased a new home back in October and I really never put things where they belonged!  I need to get on that soon.  Planning for next year is also on the top of the list :)

So now head over to the Clutter Free Classroom and join this party!

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  1. Love , love, love your clip chart, Maribel!

    Yay! Four more days! I hope your kiddos have fun with the memory books!


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