Teacher Toolbox Trio Linky Celebration!

I saw this linky over at Eberopolis and thought it was a great idea!

Alison is hosting a linky to share some of your treasures from TPT.

Here are the rules of the trio:
1. Share a product that you've made that you couldn't live without.
2. Share a product that you've purchased that you love.
3. Share something from your wish list that you're hoping to get for next year.

1. Something I Made:
Time after time my morning has totally saved me!  I teach my kids how to do it on the first day of school and they are good to go on the second day.  The morning work is customizable so I decide what skills my kids need to review on a weekly basis.  It hits the major skills that calendar usually covers but I usually don't have time to do calendar.  It's meant to be used with second graders but I've met teachers who have used it in first and third grade also.  I'm teaching summer school right now and my whole team used my morning work this past year with our second graders, so on the first day of summer school our kids recognized the morning work and knew exactly what to do when they sat down!  This was just awesome! Plus it is Common Core aligned:)
Click HERE for a view of my morning work:

2. Purchased Product:
Can I just say that I am addicted to TPT??? I love good resources and I can't resist anything that is going to save me time, energy and is going to help my kids.  I just took a peek and I've bought 179 items...I don't even want to know the total amount of money that is...but I can say that most of my purchases have been totally worth it!  I'm having a very difficult time selecting one item.  After looking through everything I am going with this American Heroes unit:
I am always on the look out for good socials studies materials and this one from Teacher to the Core is AMAZING!  My kids loved reading all these passages and they learned so much! The crafts were adorable too! Take a look at this one:

3. Wishlist Item:
Teri from A Cupcake for the Teacher creates such wonderful stuff!  I can't wait to get my hands on this  Writing Center Starter Kit.  This will help me get my writing wall all ready for the year.   It will be such a great reference tool and it makes a beautiful display! 

Now it's your turn to link up with Alison at Eberopolis. I can't wait to find some more new goodies!


  1. I am going to have to join this. I already posted today...gotta wait now :)
    I LOVE the American heroes project. Will look for it. I do have Teri's Writing center and LOVE it!
    My Second Sense

  2. 179 purchases...I can see why it would be challenging to pick just one! I've never seen the American heroes project before, so good choice. :) I love finding new products like that and seeing what others have made or purchased. Thanks for linking up!

    Eberopolis: Teaching Reading & Writing with Technology

  3. I've got the same item on my wish list! It looks so good! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom


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