Bulletin Boards, Magic Bunnies and More!

1. Writing Board
I am sure you all know Mrs. Cupcake.  I got my hands on her writing bulletin board set and I'm in love! My writing board is up and my kids are using it like crazy!!! I even left a space for my anchor charts for quick reference. Quick tip: When you print this out, make two copies. One to pull out for lessons and one to leave on the bulletin board so that kids can refer to it all the time. Thank you Mrs. Cupcake! You are a life saver! I also love my giant pencil from The Teacher Wife :)
You can get this writing set HERE.  The pencil is from HERE.

 2. More Cupcake Goodness
So a while back Teri asked if she could use my Star Jar idea for a craftivity. Of course I said yes! And what she created is beyond amazing!! My kids really got the meaning of what a compliment is and they were so excited to make the craft :) My kids from last year came to me and said, "How come we didn't get to make a jar?" So I gave those kids some extras I had and they got to make their own jars at home. You should have seen their smiles:)
You can pick up Mrs. Cupcakes file HERE
3. Writing
We began our new handwriting program this year called Handwriting Without Tears.  The kids like it so far.  The program uses this bunny called The Magic C Bunny.  He doesn't come with the program but you can order it from their website.  (I had to have him of course.) One of my kids has a lot of difficulty with writing and so far has been copying writing from all around the room.  So his writing usually consists of objectives, words, letters, numbers etc. anything he sees in front of him.  I've been conferencing with him about writing his own ideas, and he finally did it! He wrote his own story.  It's very basic, but this is a huge improvement for him!  And just look at what inspired him to write:
I believe in the Magic C Bunny now!  He made my non writer into a writer!  I called home and made a big deal about it.  He was so proud!  The pink thing next to Magic C Bunny is from Hobby Lobby and I use it to store the most special candy ever.  Pink chocolate coins that they get if they make it to the top level of my clip chart. 

4. Donors Choose
I got the most amazing email from Donors Choose!! They have a new vendor...AMAZON! Now there are pretty much no limits to what we can get, and we no longer have to use expensive vendors for every single thing.  Amazon has the best prices and that will help us get more materials into our classroom for our kids! Woohoo for Donors Choose and Amazon!

 5.Giveaway I'm currently running a Back-To-School giveaway. Make sure to enter for some goodies!

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Staying Organized!

I've said it before and I will say it again "Organizing is not natural for me." I love being organized and having things where they belong, but I need things to help me stay organized.
These are the things that have helped me in my journey as a newly organized person.

1. Weekly Drawers: I keep all my copies and lesson plans organized with the help of these drawers.
2. To Do Drawers: I keep this bin on my desk and whenever I feel the urge to put something on top of my desk, I look over at these cuties and they remind me to put my paperwork where it belongs. No more clutter on my desk.
 3. Teacher Toolbox: Keeps all the little things together in one place without having to dig around for them.
4. Reminders Board: Keeping my mind clutter free :)  I no longer have to remember three million things at once.  I write it on the board and the kids remind me to read it at the end of the day to make sure I don't forget anything!  This thing has saved my sanity! 
5. Book Hospital: A place to put damaged books until I have time to repair them. 
6. Read Alouds Bin: A place to put all my read alouds for the week.  This way I'm not scrambling to find my copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory somewhere in my room.  I know exactly where it is.
7. Box Tops Holder: This little makes sure I don't lose any Box Tops when the kids hand them to me. When I created this last summer I had no idea how much it would catch on!!! All of a sudden I saw cute Box Tops containers EVERYWHERE.  It was even featured by April at a Modern Teacher.  I felt so cool :) And trust me, I never feel cool!

Finally, the bag that all teachers must own:
This is the Thirty One Organizing Tote. It has SEVEN pockets, fits my water bottle on the side, has comfortable straps, and best of all...fits a file holder!  I can compartmentalize all my copies and paperwork in there!  Love it!

Is it bad to say that my organization journey all started because I wanted to have a cute teacher toolbox?  Well, it's the truth, and once I used all these things, I discovered how awesome it is to have a place for everything.  The best thing of all is that when I know where everything is, it's so much easier to concentrate on the real stuff: Teaching!

So what helps you stay organized?  Please share and link up with Blog Hoppin' today!

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Owl Weekly Drawers and More!

Welcome to Monday Made It - Early Edition!  I've been having so much fun making stuff and linking up with Tara!  I'm sad to see the weekly link ups end but I'm so happy Tara is still going to continue with MMI on a monthly basis.  I'm so excited about my projects for this week!
l. Weekly Drawer Bins
I was using a system for my weekly plans/copies and it was not working for me.  I've seen teachers stack two Sterilite bins together to make a six drawer bin and it's been great!

I decided to put these labels into an existing product, so if you have already purchased my "Owl Be Organized" label set, you will get them for free by re-dowloading the file!  If you are interested, please click on the picture below.

2.  Whole Brain Teaching Class Rules
I began using Whole Brain Teaching last year and it worked wonderfully! The traditional rules weren't exactly what I needed, so I decided to look around for something different.  I found these over at Ms. Ricca's Store!  All I had to do was print them, laminate, and hot glue them onto black ribbon.  So cute!

3. Hall of Fame

When I saw Teri (Cupcake for the Teacher) make a hall of fame frame, I just had to do it!  I whipped this up real quick to match my owl theme. The frame was donated by my awesome BFF.  They were just plain plastic frames and I painted them with acrylic paint.  Cost: a grand total of $1 for the paint.  The ribbon was from a stash I had at home.
I've been using a clip chart for the past couple of years and the kids get a jewel each time they reach the top level.  I liked how Teri "retires" their clip to the Hall of Fame when they reach the top level five times.  I think the kids are going to love it!

Make sure to head over to 4th Grade Frolics and check out what everyone else has made!

Vinyl Projects for the Classroom

I'm back in school today!  I'm nervous and excited to meet my new kids!

I've been working away this weekend getting some vinyl projects done and here they are:

1. Vinyl Mirror
A while back I saw a cute idea on Lesson Plan SOS where the kids got to look at them selves while they sharpened their pencils. Cute! My kids don't sharpen pencils, but they do switch their pencils for sharp ones, so I thought it would be fun for them to see this mirror when they go get a new pencil.  When I thought of this, I thought it would be cute to have the mustache in the middle so that it would look like they have a mustache.  My husband and I kept looking at ourselves in the mirror today with our new mustaches!  Of course I couldn't think of a good phrase while I was cutting this out, but thought of a bunch after I had already placed the vinyl on the glass. 

2. Personalized Water Bottle
I picked up this new water bottle from the Container Store this weekend and couldn't wait to personalize it!  It was going to say Mrs. Sheehan, but I learned quickly (after the mirror) not to work with tiny print, so I went with my last name only.  

3. Reminders Board

This one is my favorite!  I got the dry erase board from Walmart for about $3 and then cut out the word Reminders with my Cricut.  This board is going to be placed on my door so that I can't forget important stuff at the end of the day.  I don't know how many times I forget to call a parent back, or that a student is supposed to be picked up instead of going home on the bus!  This is going to be a life saver.  I love that it's magnetic so I can write on it and attach notes.  I had to use my magnetic flowers that I made a few weeks ago!

Notes on Vinyl:
-The vinyl I used is from Joann's.
-I cut the vinyl with my Cricut.
-Plan on messing up.  It's going to happen and there is no avoiding it.
-Buy CLEAR transfer material with gridlines, it's worth it! My opaque material was very hard to work with because I couldn't place it exactly where I wanted it since I couldn't see through it.
-Cut one time only.  I tried cutting twice and the vinyl lifted during the second cut.
-Using text smaller than 1 inch is especially tricky.
-Don't be like me, look up a tutorial before doing it.  I went in blindly and I was trying to figure everything out as I went along.  I'm sure it would have been much easier if I had seen someone do it and explain how to do it.

I was hoping to get a couple more things done, but they will have to wait till next week. Now head over to 4th Grade Frolics and check out everyone's projects for Monday Made It!

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