Bulletin Boards, Magic Bunnies and More!

1. Writing Board
I am sure you all know Mrs. Cupcake.  I got my hands on her writing bulletin board set and I'm in love! My writing board is up and my kids are using it like crazy!!! I even left a space for my anchor charts for quick reference. Quick tip: When you print this out, make two copies. One to pull out for lessons and one to leave on the bulletin board so that kids can refer to it all the time. Thank you Mrs. Cupcake! You are a life saver! I also love my giant pencil from The Teacher Wife :)
You can get this writing set HERE.  The pencil is from HERE.

 2. More Cupcake Goodness
So a while back Teri asked if she could use my Star Jar idea for a craftivity. Of course I said yes! And what she created is beyond amazing!! My kids really got the meaning of what a compliment is and they were so excited to make the craft :) My kids from last year came to me and said, "How come we didn't get to make a jar?" So I gave those kids some extras I had and they got to make their own jars at home. You should have seen their smiles:)
You can pick up Mrs. Cupcakes file HERE
3. Writing
We began our new handwriting program this year called Handwriting Without Tears.  The kids like it so far.  The program uses this bunny called The Magic C Bunny.  He doesn't come with the program but you can order it from their website.  (I had to have him of course.) One of my kids has a lot of difficulty with writing and so far has been copying writing from all around the room.  So his writing usually consists of objectives, words, letters, numbers etc. anything he sees in front of him.  I've been conferencing with him about writing his own ideas, and he finally did it! He wrote his own story.  It's very basic, but this is a huge improvement for him!  And just look at what inspired him to write:
I believe in the Magic C Bunny now!  He made my non writer into a writer!  I called home and made a big deal about it.  He was so proud!  The pink thing next to Magic C Bunny is from Hobby Lobby and I use it to store the most special candy ever.  Pink chocolate coins that they get if they make it to the top level of my clip chart. 

4. Donors Choose
I got the most amazing email from Donors Choose!! They have a new vendor...AMAZON! Now there are pretty much no limits to what we can get, and we no longer have to use expensive vendors for every single thing.  Amazon has the best prices and that will help us get more materials into our classroom for our kids! Woohoo for Donors Choose and Amazon!

 5.Giveaway I'm currently running a Back-To-School giveaway. Make sure to enter for some goodies!

That's it for me! Now link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!


  1. I LOVE your writing board! I've been looking for some goodies just like this to make my writing board more useful. Thank you for sharing them!


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