Staying Organized!

I've said it before and I will say it again "Organizing is not natural for me." I love being organized and having things where they belong, but I need things to help me stay organized.
These are the things that have helped me in my journey as a newly organized person.

1. Weekly Drawers: I keep all my copies and lesson plans organized with the help of these drawers.
2. To Do Drawers: I keep this bin on my desk and whenever I feel the urge to put something on top of my desk, I look over at these cuties and they remind me to put my paperwork where it belongs. No more clutter on my desk.
 3. Teacher Toolbox: Keeps all the little things together in one place without having to dig around for them.
4. Reminders Board: Keeping my mind clutter free :)  I no longer have to remember three million things at once.  I write it on the board and the kids remind me to read it at the end of the day to make sure I don't forget anything!  This thing has saved my sanity! 
5. Book Hospital: A place to put damaged books until I have time to repair them. 
6. Read Alouds Bin: A place to put all my read alouds for the week.  This way I'm not scrambling to find my copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory somewhere in my room.  I know exactly where it is.
7. Box Tops Holder: This little makes sure I don't lose any Box Tops when the kids hand them to me. When I created this last summer I had no idea how much it would catch on!!! All of a sudden I saw cute Box Tops containers EVERYWHERE.  It was even featured by April at a Modern Teacher.  I felt so cool :) And trust me, I never feel cool!

Finally, the bag that all teachers must own:
This is the Thirty One Organizing Tote. It has SEVEN pockets, fits my water bottle on the side, has comfortable straps, and best of all...fits a file holder!  I can compartmentalize all my copies and paperwork in there!  Love it!

Is it bad to say that my organization journey all started because I wanted to have a cute teacher toolbox?  Well, it's the truth, and once I used all these things, I discovered how awesome it is to have a place for everything.  The best thing of all is that when I know where everything is, it's so much easier to concentrate on the real stuff: Teaching!

So what helps you stay organized?  Please share and link up with Blog Hoppin' today!

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  1. I love that everything is so cute! I need to make a grade/copy/file organizer! Thanks for the good ideas.

    Simply 2nd Resources

  2. So cute! I love all the owly stuff, that is my classroom theme, too. We are currently on vacation and let me tell you what a sanity saver each of my girls' Thirty One bags (they have the same one you do) are on a 7 hour car ride! I keep both bags in between them on the backseat and because they are open at the top and have so many pockets, they have a place for and access to everything - water bottles, crayons, iPods, playing cards, puzzle books, you name it!

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade

  3. The owl theme is sweet! I love, love, love the reminder board. This idea will be especially useful in my class, as I have a teacher partner, so some messages may be sent to her, while others to me. One place for both of us to easily access is a fantastic idea! Thanks

    Jackie - Growing Kidlets

    1. Thank you! The message board has been a huge help!

  4. I just made the Teacher Toolkit organizer and the message board and I feel like I am getting organized! Love your cute ideas and now I will make a Read Aloud basket! Thank you.

  5. I have a love hate relationship with organizing. If buying a cute bag would start an organizational frenzy for me, I will rush out to get it. Where did you purchase it? Karen

    1. I purchased it from Thirty-One :) There are reps everywhere :)

  6. I want you to come organize me! And i have the same exact 31 bag and I LOVE IT!!! I hear now they come with zippers to close so I am so going to have to get another!!!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Simply Kinder

  7. I love those little flowers on your message board. They look like they are made of felt. Can you hook me up with directions please?


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