Classroom Craft Linky Party

I'm all about crafting and when it comes to my classroom, it's even better!  When I saw that some of my favorite bloggers had teamed up with my favorite craft store... I had to link up:)  Joann's is seriously the best place to shop.  They have the best coupon policy I've ever seen!  I go in with 8-10 coupons from different stores and guess what...they honor all of them!!  For a teacher on a budget, you can't ask for anything better :)

Here are some of my crafty creations:
These reading buddies help my kids track their reading.  They love the fun googly eyes.  The sticks were already painted so all I had to do was hot glue the eyes on there!

Joann's was the only place with this thick ribbon with the polkadots!  The ribbon adds so much to my clip chart!  I recently purchased this ribbon in 4 different colors to create a bulletin board.  I just need to get pictures of it so I can share them.

These flower magnets add so much in my room!  The kids love to use them when we hang something up on the board.  I made them with felt and craft magnets.  I used my Big Shot to cut out the circles.

Cricut Projects:
The next items were made using a Cricut Expression. 

The vinyl for these projects is from Joann's.  Seriously, I go there like twice a least:) These projects were fun and the reminders board has been such a life saver!  One of my classroom jobs is to read the reminders board at the end of the day. It's located on my door so we see it every time we leave the classroom. I used to forgot to tell me kids important things all the time but not anymore! 
This is my compliment jar. The kids earn a star every time that they get a compliment for doing something great. P.S. my class this year is awesome, they already earned their first "celebration" for filling up the jar.  That was the quickest I've seen a class earn one!

Everyone loves this framed wall!  My kids love having their pictures up for everyone to see!  I tell them that we are like a family.  In your house you have pictures of your family up, so that means we have to have our pictures up for our classroom family too.

These owl containers add some fun and they serve a purpose too! I used to misplace my read alouds for the week and now they are all in one place.  The book hospital is a classroom must have.  When a student finds  a torn book, they just place it in the book hospital instead of asking me to fix it right there on the spot.  To make these I used some scrapbook paper and modpodged it on there.  I then added some owl accents from the "Hoot n' Holler" Cricut Cartridge.

Do you want to see more crafty teachers in action?  If so, head over to to join Mrs. Cupcake for the Classroom Crafts Linky Party:)


  1. Way cute! Love the frames too! Do you have a whole wall as a bulletin board?! If you do I'm SUPER jealous!

    Rowdy in First Grade

    1. I thankfully have lots of wall space. But that means hardly any storage :( As much as I love my walls, I would really appreciate some more storage:)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Really cute ideas... thanks for sharing.

    Granny Goes to School

  3. Thanks for sharing the wonderful ideas. lovely craft you've made there


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