How Random! Fun Writing for K-3

I'm so excited to share a project in SIX years in the making, since before I ever even heard of TpT!

Long ago I started using picture prompts to get my students to write.  Not your average picture prompts, totally random and fun picture prompts. Here is a quick peek at what's in this file:

The point of these pictures is for the kids to write a story around the objects in the picture.  They create a setting and a story for what they see.  When I began using these types of prompts, I was drawing everything by hand!  (I hadn't yet discovered the beauty of clip art.)  The problem with that was that sometimes my drawings looked nothing like what I intended or I would create awesome ones and lose the originals.  Many months ago I finally thought about making these digitally with professionally drawn clip art!  Such a no-brainer.  So here it the final product:

 I wish I could show you every example, but that would make for a very long post, so here are a few student examples with our pig and spaceship prompt:

I love how different they all end up!

Here is how I use them.  Each week I focus on one or two things during writer's workshop.  The kids write in their notebooks every day.  I tried taking all of those notebooks home to grade, but that wasn't very efficient.  So instead of doing that, I assign one a week and grade that. While grading I look for neatness, spelling, capitalizations, and my focus skill(s) for the week. From doing this I get more ideas to work on for writer's workshop and get a good idea on how my kids are progressing.  MUCH easier than grading 28 notebooks.  I try to collect them all and bind them for each student at the end of the year.  The parents love these keepsakes and I love seeing how much my kids have grown as writers throughout the year. I'll assign some for fun and sometimes even a couple for homework or morning work.  I love having a couple on hand in case I have time for some extra writing time or for sub days.

So far there are about 80 picture prompts in this set, but I will be adding more as the year progresses. 

To pick up your own set, please click HERE.

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  1. What a very fun and creative way to get the creative "juices" flowing! Thanks for sharing.

    Granny Goes to School


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