Five + Some for Friday!

I was looking through my pictures and realized I hadn't shared a bunch of stuff here in a long while.  So here are some pictures of what we have done.  I didn't take pictures of some of our activities and I'm so sad about that!!
First up: I have commitment issues, so carving a pumpkin isn't for me.  So instead I chalkboard painted a pumpkin and then changed his face each day.  The kids loved him. They named him Frank and we called him Frankie. 
Speaking of Frankie, we made these adorable Frankenstein's from Mrs. Cupcake!  Love them!
Miss Kindergarten shared these ghosts on Insta so I had to make them too :)  So cute!

I asked my kids to bring in some pumpkins so three kids brought some in.  We explored pumpkins and counted the seeds on Halloween.

After counting the seeds, they each got some seeds from each pumpkin to plant at home.  They decorated their little bags with some Jack-o-Lanterns.
My class went nuts for pumpkins.  This boy even wrote about living in one during writer's workshop!
That reminded me of this craftivity I saw last year.  Link to my freebie for this pumpkin HERE.
On the first of November I put this little turkey on our door.  The idea for it was found HERE

Our Donors Choose grants came through.  One of the grants was for paper.  We were starting to run low!
We have now started our Mo Willems study and the kids are all about Pigeon right now.  Pigeon is great for teaching quotation marks!  These little pigeons were created completely by the kids. I just gave them some construction paper and let them at it!  I have the only windows that are visible by the entire school, so my kids love having their work displayed there where everyone can see it.
On the personal side, I graduated from grad school and I can honestly say that it was one of the happiest and most satisfying days of my life!  Much more fun and exciting than when I graduated from college. Go Lopes!!! (Grand Canyon University)
My mother-in-law knew that I wanted a Yonanas machine and she gave me one as my graduation present. gift ever!  I made this Yonanas that day.  Delicious!!  Incase you don't' know what a Yonanas is, it's a machine that makes soft serve from bananas and fruit.  Totally healthy! 
Also, I found these pillows at Hobby Lobby and I'm in love with them!  I had been searching for some pillows for our bed and these were absolutely perfect, especially with the Disney font :)

Long post, but I had to share!  

Now head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and link up for Five for Friday!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation! OH my gosh, I loved Frankie, your pumpkin. What a great idea! :)
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