Penguins and Belated MLK Fun!

Almost Five for Friday…So far Three for Friday :)  I forgot to take pictures of many of our activities so I'll try to summarize without pictures.

We continued our penguin unit this week.  It worked perfectly with our Journeys story "Penguin Chick."  I've always had to sneak in a penguin unit in Janury, but it was so much easier this year having a story to base our study around.

1. The kids wrote up their research with everything they had learned about penguins.  Here are some of my favorites:

This one tugs at my heart because it looks like my pug :)

Here is our whole display:
Their penguins are so cute!  I love the little details they added to them.  Not sure why one of them has a wand, or a cane, but they had fun with it :) Penguin Craft can be found HERE

2. We also completed many activities from this book:
This has been my go to penguin book since I began teaching!  It was a gift to me from my mentor teacher when I student taught.  It is the best!  You can find it HERE.

3. I don't think I shared our MLK activities, so this is what we did:
We read a Scholastic News magazine, did some close reading with a MLK passage from Teacher to the  Core and completed this craft, also from Teacher to the Core.

4. We received our latest grant from Donors Choose.  This grant got us some needed supplies and some more books.  
By the way the book  Penguin in Love is the cutest!  It inspired some writing ideas for one of my kids.  I will be back to share her story as I forgot to take a picture of it.

5. Coming as soon as I take some pictures :)

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Playful Penguins (A Writing Craftivity)

My absolute favorite animals are penguins!  I can't get enough of them and neither can my kids!

We are wrapping up our penguin unit this week and we wrote about penguins and made these adorable penguins today.  This is how they turned out:

This one tugs at my heart because it looks like my pug :)

Here is our whole display:

If you are interested in these playful penguins, you can find them HERE


100th Day of School Craft and More!

The short weeks fly by so fast, I barely had time to fit my plans in!

I was finally able to put up a bulletin board that I had on my mind for weeks.  Here it is:
I am going to clip up my students' best work, writing, crafts, etc…  To create it, I went to JoAnn's to pick up a 12x12 scrapbook pad.  I stapled all four corners to the wall and added some bows to some clothespins.  The ribbon is also from JoAnn's.  The clothes pins are just clipped onto the scrapbook paper and not glued on.  I didn't purchase enough ribbon for this idea and my store is out of this color ribbon!  So I will have to pick up some more over the weekend from a different JoAnn's.  I wasn't going to put a square where the light switch is, but it was driving me crazy so I decided to put one there and cut a hole for the light switch.

Tuesday was our 100th day of school so we made our 100 year old portraits! They came out so cute!  The idea is from Deanna Jump.  The writing paper is from A Cupcake for the Teacher.

This was my favorite one.  This boy says that old grandpas are always yelling at kids saying "get off my yard!" so he made his old man yelling.  And how about that little hat?? Precious!

My grant arrived from Donors Choose for some new books!  It was like Christmas in our room! I am so happy that  my kids are excited about books and authors as I am.

Next up, I finally received my updated teaching certificate with my brand new reading endorsement and early childhood endorsement!  So excited about the possibilities for the future!

Last up, something that made my month!  A parent dropped by with a bag of goodies for me.  She said that her daughter had been asking her to bring her teacher some gifts because she loves her so much!   Mom then thanked me for teaching her daughter and went on to say that she has seen a huge difference in her daughter at home.  I wish all parents knew what a difference it makes in our lives to hear these things.  No gifts necessary, just a note, a call or visit means the world to us!

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Customized Items for the Classroom

I'm back to link up with Tara for an early Monday Made It

The first thing I wanted to share is my custom stamps that I had made via Vista Print and Expressionary.  
These stamps are saving me tons of time!  I use the writing rubric one on the right all the time!  The one on the left that says FAME is put on student papers so that their parents know how their child scored on classroom tests.  All I do is circle the letter level that they achieved.  This stamp has been very useful and I prefer over writing letter grades. I especially like the aspect of the A- for approaching.  It's helped my kids see that they are making progress as they transition over to the M (Meeting the Standard) and the E (Exceeds the Standard).  I wish I would have gotten this earlier, because my school just switched over to letter grades, but I still like to put this stamp on papers so that my kids can see their progress.  (Just a note, I don't like pointing out F's, so I don't usually put this stamp on there when a child is in the Falls Far Below category.)

The Hello Kitty one is obviously not for school :) But it's so cute I wanted to share it. That one is from Expressionary.  They always have good deals there by the way.

Next up are my magnetic clips that I also had ordered from Vista Print.
My parents love these!  They no longer have to search around for my phone number!  I also encourage my students to clip their best work with these on their fridge.  

This is my first year sending these out.  I asked my kids to return them at the end of the school year so that I don't have to reorder a class set again.  We will see how many come back… These are kind of pricey but I ordered almost everything here with a Groupon or on a 50% sale.  I like to keep my eye out on those sales that include free shipping, they happen often which is nice.

*I got the idea for the stamps from Maria at Kinder Craze!  She has an awesome tutorial that explains how to go about creating these stamps on her blog.  You can find her tutorial by clicking HERE.*

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