Silhouette Autobiographies and Read Across America

I am all done with parent conferences and it feels great!  I had the most terrific year and I'm so happy to share my students' progress with their parents.

During parent conference time, I always love to have lots of student work to display.  I absolutely love to incorporate student pictures into student work.  This year I decided incorporate biographies with my students' silhouettes.

The results were absolutely perfect!
Here is another view:
 Here are a few close ups:

This is how everything looked while I was in the process of turning their profile pictures into silhouettes.
I have to admit that when I first started to make them, it took me about 30 minutes to make the first silhouette.  Once I got the hang of it, it took about 1 minute per child to complete this!

Due to the interest of this project, I created a file that can be used to create this exact project. It includes a 10 minute Photoshop Tutorial as well as three editable forms for the students to write on.

Please click on the picture to view it in my TpT shop.
You can also click on THIS LINK to view it.

Then I decided to incorporate pictures into our writing as well! Read Across America Week was a blast in our class.  We took pictures with our favorite books and wrote about our favorite books.  Mo Willems was by far our favorite author!
I was fortunate in finding the perfect spot for us to take pictures behind the preschool building.  There were these bushes with pretty orange flowers that were just right for our photo shoot.
I had tons of compliments from teachers and excited parents about the kids' projects.  You can find the template to create these in my TpT shop HERE.

Do you have special projects up for this time of the year?  Please share below as I am always looking for new exciting ideas to use :-)

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Read Across America Writing Activity

During the month of March, I like to complete this activity below:

It is one of my favorite activities and displays. It works out perfectly during this time of the year because it's also parent conference time and the parents LOVE seeing these!

In order to complete them, all you have to do is take a picture of your students holding their favorite books.  Then print those out as regular 4x6 inch pictures. I like to go to Sam's Club and get them all done there. Then just glue them in. The frame is measured to fit perfectly!
The students will write about their favorite book on the side here. I included multiple layouts for you to choose from.

Below you can see the vertical template that fits wallet sized pictures.  Both versions come with primary lines for k-2 students and regularly spaced lines for older students.
This activity is such a hit with my kids! I look forward to doing it every year.

If you are interested, please click on the picture below:

Have a great week!

Brand New Goodies!

Did you get any goodies during the big TpT sale?  I ended up doing multiple rounds this time.  Every time I thought I was done shopping, I went back for more.  I'm so glad that TpT saves my wish list, but my wallet doesn't :)

So here is what I bought:

Details and links to each product:

1. Interactive Science Journals Bundle by Cheryl Saoud
I purchased her Life Science Journal and found it so useful that I had to purchase the bundle when I saw it come out.  It was a steal during the sale! We already used some of it and my kids learned so much!  There is some magic to cutting, gluing, and writing.  My kids were in awe with their notebooks when they went through them at the end of the week.

2. Show Me What You Know by Amy Lemons

This is great for second grade teachers.  Quick assessments for our kids.

3. Language Extravaganza Bundle by Hollie Griffith

I already owned Hollie's Working With Words bundle, and I use it frequently, so I knew I had to have this bundle too.

4. Science Fold and Learn Bundle by Lita Lita
Have you seen this bundle?? I already own a bunch of the foldables in this set, but Lita will be adding more to it, up to 200 MB.  It's only at 46MB at the moment, which means lots of free goodies later down the road.  Can you tell I'm a huge fan of bundles?

5. Rainbow Comprehension by Stephanie McConnell
I saw someone recommend this file a long while ago.  Learning how to cite evidence from a  text can be overwhelming.  This will help me teach my kids what evidence is to begin with and I can build onto those skills for close reading.

6. 2nd Grade Close Reading and Text Evidence from Teaching and Tapas
Heard lots of good things about this one. I can tell you that I am not disappointed!  There is so much in here.  It lays out close reading step by step.  Perfect!

For creative fun:

7. Interactive Notebook Templates from the Candy Class
I like making foldables for our notebooks here and there.  These templates will save me tons of time instead of creating them on my own.

8. KG Fonts by Kimberly Geswein
I am so proud to own the license to all KG fonts!!  These are seriously the best and cutest fonts around!  I had been wanting them for a while and finally dicided to take the plung.  Totally worth it!

Hop on over to Blog Hoppin' and share what you bought!
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