Earth Day and End of the Year Activity

Earth Day snuck up on me this year!  I luckily purchased Lita Lita's foldable bundle and was able to find a quick activity I could use to teach about the three R's!   My kids loved making it, they learned from it, and it made a cute display too!

Here are some pictures:
 A close up:
I was thinking about having the kids put these into their interactive notebooks to save, but the kids all wanted to take them home to show to their parents.  So home they will go :) 

I'm here counting down the last days of school.  We are down to 18 days I believe.  This year has flown by so quickly.  

I'm starting to gather some stuff to do for the end of the year and the thing I'm most excited about is making our Owl-Ways Remember project!
We made these last year and they were a great way to recap the year!  The kids write about what they will Owl-Ways remember about this year.  

I'm putting this one on sale for the next few days if you are interested. 

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  1. Your bulletin board paper makes everything pop! LOVE it.
    My Second Sense


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