Father's Day Freebie

Do you typically do something for Father's Day?  I never have before but a friend of mine shared some letters for Father's Day and I knew I had to do them too!

Feel free use this Father's Day file to celebrate Dad, because after all, they deserve lots of love too :)

Here are a few samples:

They make a great looking display.

This file comes in the form of a PowerPoint file.  All you need to do is type in the writing and insert the pictures on top.  Each picture should measure about 2 inches tall and should fit between the hearts.

The letters were purchased from Hobby Lobby.  Each one cost about $2 and I only had to buy the D and the A because I reused the D for the first and the last D.

When you take the pictures make sure to find a background where the letters will stand out.  Since these letters are white, they didnt' show up when held up against a white wall, so I moved my kids over to the black wall and the result was much better.  Another helpful hint is to take the two D pictures first and remind the kids to move the letter so that each picture looks unique.

As far as the pictures go, try cropping them close enough so that their face and the letter shows up.  I noticed that the closer I cropped the more the letters stood out.

Want to make these too?  Please click on the picture below to pick it up at my TpT Store :)

My kids really enjoyed these! Thanks to my friend Cyndi for sharing this idea!!


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Mother's Day Mason Jar Vase

I'm getting my mother's day ideas all ready this weekend and wanted to share what I have in mind.

Last year we made these Mason Jars and they were incredible!  I mentioned them to my current class this year and they all said that they remembered them from last year (they saw their friends with them) so I need to get ready to make them again.
To make them you'll need:
Mason Jars
Tissue Paper
White Acrylic Paint
Elmer's Glue

The original plan was to swirl the paint around inside the jar but that wasn't working for my class of 27 students due to the amount of paint I would need for a larger class.  So I ended up cutting up some tissue paper into small squares and had the kids individually glue the tissue all inside the jar.  This was perfect because it gave the jars a perfect glowing look to them.  

After they dried, I painted each child's hand with the acrylic paint and a foam brush, and I helped them carefully place their hand over the center of the jar.  

Once the handprints were dry, I added bows to each jar.  The ribbon I intended to use was too wide and it wouldn't tie into a neat bow, so I used this back up ribbon that I had in my classroom. 

Last, we made some tissue flowers and placed them inside. 

Purchasing Tip: 
Buy the jars in bulk.  I got these at Joann's with a 40% off coupon. (They currently have 50% off coupons through their app that you could use.)  The jars come in cases of 12.  The size you will need depends on the size of your students' hands.  I bought the smaller ones which would work for k-2nd graders.  You may need larger ones for grades 3 and up. 

The inspiration for this craft came from  Christina's Adventures.  Her jars are beautiful and I couldn't resist making this craft!  

I hope this idea works for you! 
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