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One of my favorite summer link ups is back! Sunday Smorgasbord is a linky where you can share random things from your life :)  Perfect for the summer, right?

I wanted to start by sharing things from the last few days of school.

For the last day of school, I put together these plastic Mason jars that I found at the Dollar Tree.  I made some quick tags, attached them with some ribbon, and added some pink lemonade.  My students knew that my favorite drink is pink lemonade, so we reviewed "how-to writing" and made this drink.
We did our Owl-ways remember craftivity for the end of the year.  The kids wrote about what they will "ow-ways" remember from second grade.  Lots of fun memories were brought up during this activity!
 We also had a science fair at our school.  The students in grades 3-5 did a science fair project independently, and the kids grades k-2 did the projects as a class.  We tested how eggs change in different liquids.  We of course had to do the vinegar experiment.
This is what it looked like after a few minutes.  It was weird how the egg shell began to dissolve immediately.
After about 5 minutes it looked like this:
The next day the shell had dissolved.  The egg was soft and squishy at that point.
The kids loved feeling the egg!  I will have to do this every year. 

Our school had many changes this year and I'm now going to be teaching first grade.  I also moved to a new classroom.  The first week off consisted of  many trips to school to organize and clean.  You can see the progress in the pictures below.  It's far from done, but I can't do much more until the cleaning crew comes in and does our floors.
In the back you can see my new classroom rug.  It's inspired a woodland theme for this year and I've been spending a lot of time learning how to sew to create some cushions for my small group stools.  Here is a little peek:

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  1. I bet your cushions will be adorable!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Can't wait to see your new classroom!

  3. Your "toad stools" look absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see it all finished!

  4. All the classes in my phase are named after woodland animals so I was thinking of going down a woodland theme next year - can't wait to see more of your ideas! Stools look like they're going to be great.
    Growing Little Learners


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