Getting Organized in Style!

I'm super excited about some new additions I have made to my TpT shop. I love cute things, and I think most teachers do, but I also believe that decor can be made functional.

My newest bundle of labels is a life saver for me. Not only does it look great, it helps me stay organized while taming the paper piles all over my room!

I've included a wide variety of labels that are all editable with PowerPoint. Take a peek below at what is included:

Teacher Toolbox
My most favorite thing is my teacher toolbox. I use my toolbox to store all sorts of odds and ends that would normally be roaming inside my desk.  When I need anything, I know exactly where it is instead of wasting time looking through my desk drawer.

Subject Drawers
 Do you like to copy ahead of time? I definitely love to have my copies ready to go when I need them.  I noticed that when I made copies ahead of time, they would end up under stacks or misplaced in the classroom.  I needed a place to sort those copies until they were ready to be sorted into the upcoming week's bin.  This was the perfect solution!

Weekly Drawers
When I am planning my upcoming weeks lessons, I take the copies from the drawers above and move them into these bins below.  I love that I have everything I need for the day all inside one drawer.  This makes it super easy on subs too, because if I have an emergency, all my copies are ready to go inside the day's drawer.  I left a bottom drawer that reads sub bin.  That is where I put all the copies that we didn't have time to do at the end of the day.  I can pull from there to create sub plans for future absences.  This system works so well! 

 To Do Drawers
One of my most used bins are my to do drawers.  The labels are pretty self explanatory, but these are what really cut down the paper piles in my room.  I used to lose master copies of things back in the day.  Now they go in this bin until I am ready to file them away where they belong.  Same goes for items that need to be copied and graded.  So easy!

Monthly Drawers

Longer Labels

My most recent additions have been my mini drawer labels.  They were specially measured to fit mini 
Sterilite bins.

A freebie for you!

 If you only need the grade, copy, file drawers, I have a freebie in my shop, just for you!
Staying organized is so important.  It will cut down on transitions and downtime.  Two things that lead to behavior problems and teacher stress.  When I am organized, my day goes much smoother!  I hope these ideas help you tame the paper piles and stay organized!

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  1. Oh my gosh! A-DOR-A-BLE! I wish I was as organized as you! I love all of the colors and your clip chart is just precious!

  2. I just found your blog through The Teaching Tribune and I'm your newest follower! I definitely need to get organized and you've got it down to a science. I've been wanting to make a Teacher Toolbox and this is my motivation for sure! I'm a Melonheadz Addict and just LOVE this one! I'm so glad that I don't have to reinvent the wheel. Thanks so much for linking up.

    A Teaspoon of Teaching

  3. This is so adorable! I absolutely love it!!


  4. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for creating the cute Melonheadz goodies. Melonheadz is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! I can't wait to purchase.

    One Fab Teacher

    1. Yay! Thank you for the awesome feedback Tiffany :)

  5. Where did you purchase your teacher toolbox?

  6. Hi. I have tried to take advantage of your freebie... just what I needed. I've tried to click on every graphic or word her and on your TPT... No luck!

    1. Just click on the picture of the freebie or head over to my store and search for freebie :) You will see it there! have a great day!

  7. I love this! The colors would add such a nice pop to any classroom, and its such a great visual way to keep things organized. I just recently wrote about how great your post is! Thanks for sharing.

  8. How did you get the labels onto the drawers?


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