Woodland Owls - Toolbox and More!

Weekly Monday Made It is back, right in time to inspire me and get me going to make things for my classroom! Thanks Tara for creating this incredible link!

So, I'm redoing my entire room with a woodland theme.  I'm playing around with some designs and came up with this Woodland Owl Theme that I'm loving!  For those of you who like the woodland theme, but don't have an owl theme with it, I am designing a set with woodland creatures as well :)

This is what they all look like:
You can pick up a copy HERE if you are insterested :)

The Woodland theme all started with this rug:
My dearest friend, and teaching partner, passed it on to me when she transferred to another school.  Once it was placed in my room, I instantly began coming up with all sorts of ideas for my room! 

My original "Owl Be Organized" set was a huge hit and these boxes have become staples in my classroom. They have really helped me tame my piles of paperwork.  Once I decided on the woodland theme, I had to update my boxes. Here are some more pictures:
To do drawers:
I place papers I need to copy, grade and file in here.  Instead of them ending up in random places (and losing tons of originals) I put them here.  I then file everything away when I have time.

Below are my Weekly Bins for the week's copies.
I put all my copies for the week here and I included a sub bin on the bottom drawer incase of an emergency.

Finally, my teacher toolbox.  I love having my toolbox. I don't have to dump all the contents of my desk in order to find a paperclip or some staples.  Everything is in one place!

I received several requests for different designs for toolboxes, so they are in the works right now. 

I am also learning how to use a sewing machine for my next Made It.  Here is a preview:
Make sure to link up with Tara and check out everyone's projects.  See you next Monday!  


  1. Love the woodland them:) Your toolbox turned out too cute:) Thanks for linking up:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I know some Owl Lovers that will love this! I really like how you incorporated the "tree looking" background. Very unique! Looking forward to seeing your sewing project!
    3rd Grade Pad

  3. Love the theme--and the toolbox. The carpet is great!

  4. So cute! I've had an owl theme the past three years. I'm ready for something different next year, though I'm sure the owls will return at some point.

  5. I love the owls, but I especially love that rug! What a great inspiration! My classroom is a science lab and I'm considering a re-do this summer to add some pizzazz!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

  6. I love your "woodland" theme! My classroom doesn't really have a theme, just some bright colors.

    A Very Curious Class

  7. I LOVE your tool box!!! Where did you get it??? I just became your 300th follower!

  8. Super cute theme!


  9. I just love everything about your woodland theme! So adorable! It makes me miss teaching the little ones. I still might have to do it anyway - my 6th graders will still love it! ;) Can't wait to see your next Monday Made It project!
    Loose Shoelaces

  10. I am sooo loving those boxes! They are way adorable and makes me feel like I need to update my boxes like that! Great job ;)
    Teaching in Paradise

  11. This woodland theme is adorable Maribel! The drawers are such a good idea and look so much nicer than my black milk crate for storing weekly files. And that rug?? To.die.for! Your room is going to look fantastic this year!

  12. I love the woodland theme! Have you seen School Girl Style? She has an adorable woodland theme collection like yours. Precious!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  13. I can't wait to see what you create for a Woodland theme! I am redoing my classroom this year, with that theme. I will hold off on my teacher pay teachers purchase until I see what you create :) I would love to see a Woodland animals behavior chart. wink, wink


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