Monday Made It with Freebies :)

Last week I shared that I had been working on a Made It for a couple of weeks already.  Well, it's finally looking like it's done :)

This is my ottoman before:
 This is the after picture.  There are still some details we are thinking of adding, but I'm happy to have the most important things done so it resembles a tree stump :)
 Here is my lovely niece enjoying the finished product.
I cannot wait to bring it to school!  I'll be sharing more pictures of it once it's in my classroom.

Continuing on the woodland theme, I got a chance to go into my classroom and put some stuff together.  I don't have desks anymore, so I brought out my supply caddies.  Lakeshore carries these in several colors now but when I purchased them a few years ago, I could only find them in green.  Luckily, they look great with the color scheme.  All I did to make them fit into our theme was add a label.
 I was a bow making machine this week.  These are going to go on one of my new bulletin boards and my new bins.
 The bows were used to add some color to my organization system.  My read alouds and math manipulatives are in these green bins.  I originally wanted to get some labels with manipulative pictures on them, but when I decided it would be a mixture of read alouds and manipulatives, I decided to go with something simple for a cohesive look. You can't see it from this picture, but the circles have a brown wood grain pattern on them which looks nice with the red and green. The tags are held on with metal rings and my husband punched some holes into the sides of the bins for me. These bins came from Ikea for just $1.50 a piece! Click HERE to pick some up.
Next up are some behavior clip charts.  I had many requests for a clip chart that went with my woodland products.  I could not decide if I wanted a colorful or brown wood grain, so I included both in the set :)
Another requested item was a woodland version of my objective headers and here they are:
Speaking of my headers, my friend Debbie over at Mrs. Crockett's Classroom has an awesome set of "Common Core I Can Statements" that she customized to fit the Melonheadz line!  I was so happy that she agreed to make these because they will look so cute with my headers! Here is a sneek peek at them:
 You can see my original headers below.  These are currently at school, so I will be updating them with Debbie's brand new set this week.  Can't wait to see them all put together!
You can pick up a set of the "Common Core I Can Statements" HERE.

Now, even though I'm going with a woodland theme, I cannot resist brights (as you can see above).  So I gave myself one wall to use brights on because they just make me happy :)  This next made it was not designed by me, but I did do the printing and laminating :)  They are from the amazing Ladybug's Teacher Files! She has so many amazing sets, it was hard to decide which one I wanted to get.  I'm loving this line and so are my teacher friends :)
 Now for a freebie! I picked up some more Melonheadz kids clip art (I can't get enough of this stuff!) and it inspired a set of prints to decorate my desk area:
 I decided to make them free to celebrate some goals I've reached :) Just click on the picture to pick up your set!

Last up is some organization I needed to get done.  My floor puzzle boxes were in shambles and I remembered an idea I had seen on Pinterest a couple of years ago, but I cannot find that pin anywhere :(  To put these together, I picked up some Sterlite bins from Walmart.  I numbered each puzzle piece in each set in case a piece goes missing and then added a label to the front of the bin.  I love that these bins are going to be much sturdier than my cardboard boxes and they stack nicely!  The latches on the sides will be helpful too!
The labels I used can be found HERE.
So what have you been making for your classroom?  Go and link up with Monday Made It and share what you have been creating!


Melonheadz Goodies for Monday Made It!

Time for Monday Made It!  The project I wanted to show today has proven to be much more of a challenge than I originally thought. I will give you a peek of it today, but it should be ready next week :)

Today's first made it has to do with management.  I began using Whole Brain Teaching strategies with my students and they have helped my classroom management so much!  One of my favorite things I implemented are the classroom rules.  I started with the standard ones, but have since changed mine up a bit to fit the needs of my students.  I wanted a set of classroom rules that matched my Melonheadz line and here they are:

For those of you who use the original WBT rules, I included a set that matches those rules too :)
If you look at the bottom here, you can see a few slides including the same teacher.  While I was working on it, I was thinking about how I wished I could make it so that anyone could have a teacher on it that resembles them.  So I decided to include lots of options.  Now you can look for the teacher that resembles you the most and include that one on your chart :) 

I made a chevron set too:)

I've received lots of requests for a clip chart that coordinates with my Kidlettes set so here they are:
 Thank you so much for the requests! I am trying my best to keep up with them and they are keeping me VERY busy :) 
If you are interseted in these clip charts please click on the pictures below:

Now for the sneak peak at my July Made It (At least I hope it's done in July!)
I am so excited about this project!  I looked everywhere for one, but no one offers them for sale :(   Turns out they are tons of work, so no wonder they can't be found anywhere. It's going to fit into my Woodland theme perfectly and it's going to compliment my classroom rug so well!  After all this work, I really hope it turns out how I'm imagining. 

Now head over to Monday Made It and check out everyone's stuff!


Author of the Month {Bright} Ideas

This is my first post for Bright Ideas and I'm so excited to be a part of it!! This blog hop is all about sharing ideas that will be helpful to you and your students.  It's tons of great tips at your finger tips.  Like an idea?  Pin it so you can come back to it :)

My topic for today is all about Author of the Month/Author Studies.  Since the day I began teaching I wanted to start an "Author of the Month/Author Study" but I wans't sure where to begin.  All I could think of was to collect books by great authors.  It wasn't until my third year of teaching that everything came together for this idea.

Here is an easy way to start up an Author of the Month/Author Study.

Step 1. Collect books by great authors.
Step 2. Copy and laminate your covers.  I scanned them into my computer and printed them out.  Don't
have a color printer?  Take them into Kinko's and copy them there :)
Step 3. Put your bulletin board together and add a title.  I used my Cricut to create mine.
Step 4. Display some of the books you will be reading by your author wall.
Step 5. Read the books with your kids.

Here is my bulletin board:
Step 6: This is the newest addition to my study.  I picked up a blank canvas at Hobby Lobby and used regular acrylic paint to create some custom art for my class.  I wasn't sure how to draw him so I did a quick Google search and found a picture of Pigeon reading a book. I sketched it all out and made sure to incorporate my woodland theme this year by having him sit on a toadstool.
Now do you see the book that Pigeon is holding?  He is holding the first book that we are going to be reading as a class!  This was my husband's bright idea. 

He suggested I leave the cover blank and switch out the covers to match my author studies.  Wow! An interactive painting?! I never would have thought of that :)  I am so excited to see my kids' reaction when the  covers change and I'm especially excited to see what they think about Pigeon reading the same books as us!  I think it's going to bring our author of the month/author studies to a whole new level.   To create these little covers I simply reduced the pictures I printed for my bulletin board to fit into the book cover. 

Things I've noticed since beginning author of the month/author studies:
*Children become familiar with an author's work/illustrator's work and can identify new books by that author/illustrator independently.
*Children become interested in reading more books by the same author.
*They will begin writing about their favorite characters in writer's workshop.
*They use the bulletin board to write about the books that have not been read yet.
* They have conversations about books and authors with other children!  Many will even give recommendations to each other!

Reading our new book by our author of the month is one of the most anticipated times of the day for my class.  I hope you found these ideas helpful to start up an author study in your classroom :)

If you enjoyed this bright idea, please consider following me on Instagram where I share lots of tips and ideas for the primary classroom :)

For more bright ideas from more than 70 different bloggers, please browse through the link-up below and choose a topic/grade level that interests you.  Thank you so much for stopping by!


Using Cute Fonts on the Products You Purchased


Have you ever purchased an editable file only to find that the font included is boring?  The reason that happens is because the author used the default font and meant for you to use the fonts of your choice to customize your files.  This is a good thing!  Now you have 100% control over how your files will look in the end :)   Not sure how to go about making your text look cute, different, and interesting?  Please view my video to learn how to use custom fonts on your files and find out where I find my fonts as well! 

This video is meant for people who are not very familiar with PowerPoint.

I hope this is helpful to you :)


Easy Objectives Display

Are you required to post your objectives?  I was looking for a way to make this easy to do and I found it!

A couple years ago I created an objectives bulletin board and it was ruined this summer during my move to my new classroom. My original display took about six hours to make with my Cricut.  I decided to remake it this time with my new clip art that is perfect for this project!
To create this bulletin board, I cut out the headings and glued them onto my scrapbook paper.  I then laminated the whole sheet and adhered a sheet protector where my objectives will be slipped in.
Doing this is much easier to do than writing them on the board every single day.
The beauty of the headers being separate is that they can be attached to any color scrapbook paper to fit any color scheme.

These objectives were created by Debbie Crockett.  I love them because they include a student friendly version on top and the CCSS on the bottom for me to reference to.  You can find her sets HERE.

This is how they look all put together:

This year I decided to display them differently.  Instead of backing them with scrapbook paper, I am hanging them up with some book rings.  I go through the objectives I need for the week and I just flip through them to display the ones I need for the day.  This makes everything so easy!

Here is a quick video of how easy this is to do:

 I received several requests for the set, so it is now in my TpT shop.  If you are interested in this set of headers and editable objectives posters, please click HERE

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Classroom Decor, Pigeon and More!


My first Made It involves one of my students' all time favorite characters.  I've been wanting to get some custom art for my class but that costs a fortune.  I also wanted to somehow tie in my woodland theme for next year within it.  I finally came up with the idea of mixing characters with my woodland theme and that resulted in this painting:
Pigeon: Acrylics on a 16x20 inch canvas.
I love how it turned out and can't wait to hang this up in our classroom.  It would be so easy to incorporate him into different themes too.  Now I can't stop thinking of him deep sea diving in scuba gear for an ocean theme or him wearing safari gear in a jungle themed room.  Endless possiblities!

Now this next idea is my husband's brilliant work.  He suggested that I NOT paint a cover on Pigeon's book.  He said that I should incorporate my author studies within the painting.  What?? An interactive painting? Yep, his book cover will be changing each month along with our author studies and Pigeon will be reading one of the books we will be reading.  The first one is Chrysanthemum because that is the first book we will read as a class! 
All I did was print a cover from online and I trimmed around Pigeon's hand to make it look like he is  holding the book.  LOVE it!
 A couple years ago I created an objectives bulletin board that was just recently ruined this summer while moving classrooms. As much as I love using my Cricut, I knew it was going to take me forever to recreate it that way.  I decided to remake it digitally with my new clip art. 
To create this bulletin board, I cut out the headings and glued them onto my scrapbook paper.  I then laminated the whole sheet and adhered a sheet protector where my objectives will be slipped in.
Doing this is much easier to do than writing them on the board every single day.
 The beauty of the headers being separate is that they can be attached to any color scrapbook paper to fit any color scheme.
I tried a few different ones with them.
These objectives were created by Debbie Crockett.  I love them because they include a student friendly version on top and the CCSS on the bottom for me to reference to.  You can find her sets HERE.

This is how they look all put together:
I shared a picture of them on Instagram and I had several requests for the set, so they are now in my TpT store.  If you are interested in this set of headers, please click below.

Made It 3 is another one for the woodland theme:

A few weeks ago I created a woodland owl set but I received requests for various animals on a set.  So here it is!  Now I can't make up my mind on which version to use in class. I love them all!

My newest sets now include monthly drawers to get even more organized :) I'm kind of liking how they look set up as a tower.

These Woodland Labels are available by clicking HERE.

Those of you who purchased my Melonheadz Edition of the drawers, please re-download because I added new drawers to that set as well!  Take a peek below to see what they look like.
This set is available by clicking HERE.
Can you tell that I love brights? I created some cards to hand out to my kids.  My original ones were owl themed but I wanted to create a set that would match my Melonheadz Kids.  What I'm liking the most is that they are editable so the front of them can be customized for any occasion.  This is what they look like when they are customized:
My plan is to create all my birthday cards at the begining of the year and have them ready to go for each student.  I usually have a stash of cards in my desk, but what would be more special than having a card given to you with your name on it?  I think the kids will get a kick out of it. 

That's it for me!  I have a really tricky Made It in mind for next week.  I hope I don't mess it up!  Make sure you and go link up with Tara for Monday Made It and check out what everyone made!

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