Two For Tuesday- Organization

My organization kick all began with my teacher toolbox and various other storage containers.  I received many requests for a Melonheadz version of my storage bins so I created these:
Once I made these, I got all sorts of ideas to help me stay organized!  One of these ideas was to create binders for different subjects so I could keep my go to resources easily accessible.

This is how they turned out:
 I had to have spines so that I can go right to the one I need.
 Originals for units such as worksheets, lessons, and craft examples are located in these.  It makes it so easy to plan!
I also created a bunch more so that I can use them as parent communication logs, individual student portfolios, lesson plans, CCSS paperwork etc.  I'm so excited about these!  They are all editable as well!
So for today, you can pick up my set of binder covers at 50% off.  Please click on the picture below to pick up a set.

My next item on sale is one of my most used!  It is a writing set that can be used year round in a k-3 classroom. This project took me six years to develop.  Even before I even knew of Teachers Pay Teachers!

Long ago I started using picture prompts to get my students to write.  Not your average picture prompts, totally random and fun picture prompts. You can take a quick peek below:
The point of these pictures is for the kids to write a story around the objects in the picture.  They create a setting and a story for what they see.  When I began using these types of prompts, I was drawing everything by hand!  (I hadn't yet discovered the beauty of clip art.)  The problem with that was that sometimes my drawings looked nothing like what I intended or I would create awesome ones and lose the originals.  Many months ago I finally thought about making these digitally with professionally drawn clip art!  Such a no-brainer.  So here it the final product:

 Here are a few student examples using the pig and spaceship prompt:
I love how different they all end up!

Let me explain how I use them.  Each week I focus on one or two things during writer's workshop. The kids write in their notebooks every day.  I tried taking all of those notebooks home to grade, but that wasn't very efficient.  So instead of doing that, I assign one of these picture prompts a week and grade that. While grading I look for neatness, spelling, capitalization, and my focus skill(s) for the week. From doing this I get more ideas to work on during writer's workshop and I get a quick snapshop of how my students are progressing.  MUCH easier than grading 28 notebooks.  I try to collect them all and bind them for each student at the end of the year.  The parents love these keepsakes and I love seeing how much my kids have grown as writers throughout the year. I'll assign some for fun and sometimes even a couple for homework or morning work.  I love having a couple on hand in case I have extra time for writing or for sub days.

So far there are about 80 picture prompts in this set, but I will be adding more :)

To pick up your own set, please click on the picture below:

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  1. Absolutely LOVE the tool kit labels and binder covers. Definitely will be getting some for the upcoming school year. :)


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