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I've been back at work teaching first grade for the first time after teaching second grade for the entire length of my career...and I have to say I LOVE first grade.  Something I do notice is that we need to discuss things a lot more than we did in second grade and explaining things takes a little longer than it took with older children.  It took a couple days to adjust, but it feels a lot more natural now.

Now onto Monday Made It!  I have been using my own version of Whole Brain Teaching rules for the past couple of years and it's been great!  Something that is so important with WBT is that you need to go over the rules every time you enter your room and periodically throughout the day.  For that we use my school rules chart:

Before we get to that point, I need the children to truly understand the rules.  For that I created a slideshow that has our rules on it and examples of what that rule looks like.  Below is one of the slides from my presentation.
I cannot tell you how helpful this has been to my class.  I went ahead and printed up my slides on half sheets and put them on a ring (or ribbon) so I can refer to the rules and examples at any time.  How did I not think of this years ago??

 Here is a peek at some of the other slides:
I left the first slide blank so each teacher is able to put their name on it:
I decided to include the slides I used in my classroom on the file as well as blank slides for teachers to edit and customize to fit their needs. Just be sure to delete the slides you don't need before showing it in class :)

My favorite use for this presentation is when a new student shows up.  I have this saved on my classroom laptop and I start it up.  My whole class gets  a refresher on the rules and that's always a good thing.

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