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Today is my first day of school!  I am so nervous but excited to take on first grade for the first time ever!  We had our meet the teacher night and the kids loved the room and were so excited to be there.  I don't think my room would look anything like it does without the inspiration I've gotten from teachers all over the world linking up here for MMI and via Pinterest. Thank you Tara for putting MMI together!

Ok, so onto my week's projects:

I shared my star jar a couple of years ago, but it always looked a bit messy on my board.  This year I decided to section off the board to make it look neater and more organized.  The main thing I wanted done was to add some headings with vinyl so I wouldn't have to write them up with marker.  I took out my trusty Cricut and got to work.  Of course, I had to use KG fonts for it!  And this is how it turned out:
I was on a roll so I decided to make some more headings.  One for the date and one for table points.  My board looks beautiful now!!
Then I had to section my board.  I was going to use electrical tape but I saw a cancer warning on it and decided to look into using something else...So I headed over to Michael's and the staff there knew exactly what I should use.  It's regular invisible tape that is tinted black! It looks like electrical tape, but it's not.  I love how it looks and it's really easy to put on.You can find it in the scrapbooking department. 

Next, I made my book bin labels to fit my woodland theme.  I'm so thankful that my friend decided to gift these bookshelves to me.  They make this area look so warm and inviting! 
So I moved this year into a new room and there is no cabinetry under the sink.  It looked kind of ugly.  Something had to be done.  I had some fabric left over from last year and it went with my color scheme so I made a quick curtain.  Now I can store something under there and not have to look at it all day long!  A tension rod is holding it up.  Total cost: $2 for the tension rod.
Next up, my BFF is using my Melonheadz collection to decorate her room, so I went ahead and made some things that will go with it.  First up are some supply caddy labels.  Loving how they turned out!
We also do read to self, so I made some chevron labels to fit along the front of the bins.

I picked up some chair pockets this weekend and I was not a fan of the name plates that came with.  So I decided to make some cute ones instead :)
I went ahead and made some labels for library bins as well.
This is a picture I shared last week for MMI.  (I haven't put the correct items in the correct bins yet. That is going to be tackled this week.)
I had to make similar tags that match my Melonheadz collection too.
Last up, do many of your students ride the bus?  Well, 98% of mine do.  Our entire school rides the bus for safety reasons.  I needed an easy way to identify which students ride which bus, so I made these labels that can be cut out with a circle punch.  I'm going to be attaching them to backpacks, but they will be put on a ribbon so they can be worn as necklaces for the first few days to make sure all my first graders get safely home.
I love using circle punches.  This one measures 2.5" and can be found at any craft store.
All the chevron labels can be found in my newest set here if you are interested: { and it's on sale ;) }
Are you busy making things for BTS 2014?  Make sure to link up with Tara and share what you have made.


  1. First- I LOVE your color scheme for your room. Just beautiful. Second-welcome to first grade!!! You will LOVE it. The start of the year is rough. They are still babies but after Thanksgiving its awesome!! Third- all your made its are beautiful! I have loved watching all summer!!!
    Have an awesome year!!

    Just a Primary Girl

  2. Wow - your class is looking great! I love the woodland themed book bin labels and the idea of filing the jar with the stars. We collect stars as a whole class behaviour incentive and I need to revamp how mine looks this year - thanks for the ideas!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. Wow! just Wow! I loved everything about this. Do you have the new cricut (explore) to cut out the KG fonts? I have the expression and can only do the fonts on cartridges. I am saving my pennies for the new one! (it's gonna take a lot of pennies!) How do you organize your library?

  4. Your library looks wonderful! That is one of the projects I am about to take on this week! I love all of your made its this week, so creative! Have a great week!:)
    Kayla in the Classroom

  5. First day of school!!! That is always so exciting!! I am hoping you had a great first day of first grade!! I taught first grade a couple of years ago, and the students were just so sweet...lots of wonderful memories from that year. I hope it is equally special and memorable for you!!

  6. WOW! You are crafty! the compliment jar is my favorite!


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