Sterilite = Organized Classroom

I think I am nearing the last of my Made It's! I've got so much more I want to make, but school has started up which means much less time to make stuff for my room :(

Today I have some more organizational items to share. The first one has to do with pencil management. What I had been using is two decorated cans for sharp and dull pencils.  I liked them, but it got a bit annoying when they got knocked over, and they looked messy unless there were brand new sharp pencils in there.  My first graders poked themselves a few times with the sharp ends this year.  Something I didn't see coming.  So I came up with this idea instead:
The mini Sterilite bins are perfect for these because they aren't too big or too small to fit my pencils.  I also wanted to have a place to have extra pencils ready to go.  So my brand new pencils will go in the bottom drawer.  This way when we run out of pencils from the dull drawer, I can get new ones from the bottom drawer. 

The next one is something I've been meaning to make for a long time.  The top one is for nurse passes.  This way I won't have to dig around my desk for passes while I have a kid with a nose bleed waiting for me to find a pass.  The second drawer is for my students' late passes.  We are required to keep them for the year, but I always misplaced them because I didn't have a designated spot for them.  This way I can have the students go right to this drawer and drop the pass in there.  The last drawer is where I will be storing my note cards that I hand out to my kids.   
When I catch a child doing something awesome for someone else, or someone had a successful moment, I take the time to write them a little note.  The notes I will be using are from this set below.

The next Made It is made up of two drawer bins.  The top one is a 3 drawer mini bin and the bottom is a 5 drawer mini bin.  I made it so that it could be used as a crayon tower, but as you can see, it can be used for any purpose because the labels are editable. 
These mini drawer labels have been added to the following set.  Make sure to redownload if you already own it :)
The next set of labels are for creating a book hospital.  Having a book hospital has been such a life saver!  Instead of the kids asking me to fix their books right away, they can just place the book in the book hospital and I can fix it when I have a chance.  Such a help with classroom management!
 I made three versions.  One of them is not shown here. Ran out of paper:(
The book hospital labels have been added onto the set below, so if you already purchased, you will get the update for free, just redownload :)
I'm excited to bring my new goodies into my classroom!  Speaking of my classroom, have you checked out my classroom tour? If you haven't, please stop by and check out the place where my Monday Made It's ended up :)

Now head over to link up with Tara for today's Monday Made It!


  1. You've just reminded me that I wanted to set up a book hospital box this year - your labels look great (I like the plaster one!)
    Growing Little Learners

  2. Your classroom looks so neat and organized!! Just the way I like it! Ha! I need to make a book hospital this year also!! Hope you will stop by our blog next week to see my classroom reveal!! :)


  3. I love your sterilite drawers. I use them as my students drawers - Where they keep their notebooks and dictionaries. But I love the teacher toolbox! I still don't have one of those... maybe this year!

  4. Love your book hospital. Definitely recommend having one. I even have one in the library.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  5. Love the labels! I am picking up more sterilite bins tomorrow and may just need to pick up your labels, too!


  6. I love the idea of having a drawer for nurse passes. I can never find one when I need it, either!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Dawn @ Revenge of the Thirds


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