Woodland Wonderland!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week to share some pictures of where I teach :)
Some of these pictures were taken a bit before I finished everything up, so some walls are not complete :)  It took me a while to get everything ready, so I hope you enjoy!

This is my front wall.  Even though I have a woodland theme, I allowed myself one brights wall because I love brights so much :)
 This is what you would see from the back of my room all the way to the front.
 This is my left side of my board.
You can see A Cupcake for the Teacher's Reading Posters on the side.  You can find them HERE.

 I am loving my today's date and table points vinyl headings.
This is my compliment jar.  When the students earn all their stars by getting compliments from others for having a nice line, being quiet in the hallways etc...they earn some type of celebration.
 If you look right by my door, you will see this display where my kids' work will be hung up.
    If you've visited my blog before, you may remember last year's display board:

Right next to my white board, you will see my objectives board.  We are required to have our objectives posted and I decided that as long as they have to be displayed, why not have them look cute?  The headers and editable objectives can be found HERE. If you teach CC standards, you can find some completed objectives posters in Debbie's store at Crockett's Classroom.  Debbie and I teamed up to bring you this low maintenance display! You can find those CC posters HERE.
I love these lights from Party City!
When I want it nice and soothing, I turn my lights off and I let the front lights and my back lamps light the room.  It's very calming (especially right after lunch recess.)
My camera picks up too much light (usually a good thing) and doesn't let the lights show the way they really look in the classroom.  My iPhone actually did a better job capturing the colors below.
The alphabet line you see above is from the super talented Ladybug's Teaching Files.  I had the most difficult time picking out a set because all her alphabets are so amazing.  This one won me over and I don't regret it one bit.  I LOVE it and so does everyone else that visits my room :)

This is my side wall.  I have my word wall up along my cabinets.  I've never had this much storage in my life!  It's amazing!
Zooming into my counter you will see my woodland themed teacher toolbox for this year.  Next to it, I placed these owl lamps from Walmart.  I'm trying to figure out how to hide those wires...
Located right next to my toolbox is my little command center with my monthly bins, stapler, tape and paper trimmer.  I decided this year that I was going to get rid of my filing cabinets and switch over to monthly drawers and binders.  I'm liking my BTS and EOY drawers!  These labels can be found HERE.
On the other side of my toolbox is where I keep my iPod dock, so I can play music during writer's workshop.  I try to only play calm music so they can concentrate on writing.

Next to that area is my pencil sharpener and my pencil container.  This is the best sharpener I've ever used.  It's a little loud but it can sharpen any kind of pencil!  Even big fat ones!!  I've had it for over two years now and use it almost every day.  You can find it HERE
This is my first year using this pencil bin and it has been perfect for my first graders.  The little kidlettes are good visuals for my kids that can't read quite yet. The labels can be found HERE.

At the far side of the wall is my sink.  I made this curtain to hide the pipes under there and it provides a little bit of privacy for some clutter I have under there. A tension rod was used to hold the curtain up.  Next to the sink you can see my subject drawer bins here where I place my copies for each subject.  These bins can be found HERE.
On the opposite side of my room is where my new Smartboard is located!  Along with my classroom rules, writing wall, and another student work display.  I love this carpet!  My teaching partner was kind enough to pass it along to me.  I've had a lot of questions about it.  I'm not sure what store it came from but you can find it on Amazon HERE.

The rules chart I used can be found HERE and Mrs. Cupcake's Writing Wall can be found HERE. The pencil with writing ideas was created by The Teacher Wife and has this as a freebie in her store.  Love it!  You can find it HERE.
This ottoman, turned tree stump, was a serious endeavor this summer.  My mother-in-law was over to help me with it many days over the summer.  I love sitting here and reading stories to my kids!  They love sitting on it to share their writer's workshop stories as well!  I purchased the ottoman from Target on clearance.  The fabric is just fleece purchased from Joann's.
Right next to this area is my desk set up. The whole thing isn't picture ready yet, it's kind of like a hutch and I'm not crazy about it.  It does however have a lot of cubby type storage spaces which can come in handy.  The cubbies look like this:
You can see my Box Tops container from a couple of years ago.  This thing makes me smile, so the design has stayed the same :)  I just noticed the bow fell off though…I'll have to locate that.  I also have some inspirational subway art here.  These kidlettes remind me to stay positive.  You can find those for free HERE.
My mini container is here for some of my go to resources.  I was always scrambling to find nurse passes when I really needed them.  Not good when you have a kid bleeding or throwing up in your classroom.  (Two things that happened on the first day of school this year.) Those labels can be found HERE.

Over on my students' tables I decided to use some supply caddies from Lakeshore.  Next to my caddies are these little trash bins from the Dollar Tree that I decorated to look like mushrooms.  They really help to cut down transition time! They are practical but add something to the room.
Find these woodland labels HERE.

Below is my library at the back of the room.  My teaching partner left me these gorgeous bookshelves!  I think they complete my room with their warm woodsy feel!  On my very first attempt at a theme, I had Alice in Wonderland cut outs in my classroom.  Hence my blog name Learning in Wonderland.  I had to have a touch of Alice somewhere in my room, so she is located here on the side of the library. (My Author of the Month heading is not up yet in this picture.)
Find these woodland library labels HERE.

I finally had some time to put up my heading for this wall :)  It looks much better now.  The heading was created with my Cricut.

If you look on the top shelves you will see two bins that save me so much time!  This first one is my book hospital.  When a child has a book that is ripped or missing a page, they place it here so that I can fix it when I have time.  This way I don't have the students coming up to me trying to get me to fix their book that instant :)  The owl and letters were created with a Cricut.
This next one is my Read Alouds bin.  I place the books I'm going to read during the week in here.  I store most of my books at home and I was losing some very special books in the process of transporting them to and from school.  Having this bin helps me know where my read alouds are until I am ready to pack them up again.  This also saves me time in class so I'm not looking for my current read aloud, they are all here ready for me to read.

On the other side of my library are my Ikea shelves where my buckets (also from Ikea) hold my read alouds for the first couple months and my math manipulatives.  (My manipulatives are not organized in this picture by the way...)
Find these round labels HERE.

Here is a view of my intervention table with my reading tree.  The reading tree is a way that I track my student's reading through progress monitoring.
 Another view of my intervention table.  It's a whiteboard table too! So excited about the possibilities!! I made the little toad stool cushions this summer.  The polka dot carpet is from Ikea.
This is a view of my whole classroom from my front door when you look to the left.  I had some questions about my teal cart.  It is from Ikea, you can find it HERE.  I keep some supplies for the day in there and I roll around wherever I am teaching in my room.  Very handy!  My easel is from Lakeshore.  You can see it HERE
The teachers at my school did a little tour of all the classrooms and one of the teachers said "It's a woodland wonderland!" when she visited my room.  I couldn't have summed it up any better if I had tried :)

Now head over to Blog Hoppin' and take a look at everyone's classrooms!  You are sure to find lots of inspiration through this link up :)

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  1. Your classroom is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I'm heading into school for my second day of classroom setup for the year, and I'm loving the inspiration!

    Elementary Excellence

  2. Wow! I like the woodland theme. Your room is beautiful.
    Laugther and Consistency

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your room!! The theme is absolutely adorable!! I cannot get over how cute the toadstools are!!!! Thanks so much for the kind words, I'm so glad you like the alphabet line :) Ok, I am off to admire your beautiful classroom yet again!

  4. This looks amazing! It makes me excited to decorate my room...although I'm going to soak up my last few days of summer first. :)
    Laura K.

    Ms. Pretzel's Super 2nd Grade Bugs

  5. Everything in your room is just super cute! I love it - especially the target board


  6. HOLY SMOKES! I love EVERYTHING about your room! Even your BOX TOPS box is cute. I am going to have a field day at your TpT store tomorrow during the sale. I am obsessed with all your decor! This is incredible! Your students are so lucky to have you!!


  7. That is spectacular! You put so much time and thought into your room! I would want to be a student there!

  8. LOVE your room so much! I especially love your compliment jar! Love it all! Happy Back to School!

    Carmen Zeisler

    Exploring Elementary
    Fourth Grade

  9. In love with so many different parts of your room! The bright colors, display board, library... basically everything :) Wow I'm so happy I checked out your post!

  10. I am obsessed with your classroom! I've got a woodland/camping theme going on as well and seriously love that ottoman-turned-stump and your toadstool seats. Adorable!

    Paiges of Learning

  11. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Your woodland theme is so cute and original. I haven't seen that as a classroom theme before. I especially love your mushroom trash cans and stools. Adorable!

    Lovely Literacy & More

  13. You classroom is adorable, and I love your woodland theme! The labels on your monthly drawers and the teacher toolbox are the cutest!!!

    TK Miss Sharp’s Way

  14. Your room is stunning, Maribel! It turned out absolutely beautiful! The toadstools are the cutest things ever!

  15. I have gone through about 30 tours so far, and yours is BY FAR my favorite! I love everything about it, but especially love your carpet and your front area. :) Thanks so much for sharing!

    Happy Teaching,
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
    My TpT Store
    Follow Me on Facebook!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Your room looks amazing, so inviting! :) Hope you have a great year with your kiddos,
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

  18. I love the look of your classroom! How did I not find your blog sooner? I'm not sure. But, I'm glad I found it through the linky today and proud to be your newest follower!
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade

  19. I love your classroom! How do you attach your scrapbook paper to the wall?

    1. I just stapled the sheets directly to the wall :) Here is some more in-depth info about this wall: http://www.learninginwonderland.com/2014/02/displaying-student-work.html#

  20. I am IN LOVE with your classroom!!! I would be the happiest teacher on earth if I got to walk into that room every day. I think I pinned every picture. Thanks for posting!!

  21. Maribel, you have a beautiful, organized classroom! I am going to do a woodland theme this year and I have wishlisted your labels. Thank you for sharing your classroom!

  22. Love this! Where did you get your compliments jar?

  23. Where did you get your book bins?

  24. What font did you use for the objectives bulletin board?

  25. Your room is B E A U T I F U L friend! So cozy and inviting. I want to be in your class.

  26. Love, love, love your classroom. I am picking up some of your goodies on TpT. Do you have all the MelonHeadz stuff in a set? Just another dumb question though, where in the world did you get the large Journeys Focus Wall posters?

  27. I am so in love with your classroom! My theme is camping this year and I can't wait to put up my bulletin boards. YOU have inspired me! I am picking up several of your items in your TPT store very soon. Did you make the pigeon poster on your cricut or did you purchase it? Your students must love their classroom.

  28. I am so in love with your classroom! My theme is camping this year and I can't wait to put up my bulletin boards. YOU have inspired me! I am picking up several of your items in your TPT store very soon. Did you make the pigeon poster on your cricut or did you purchase it? Your students must love their classroom.

  29. I love your classroom!!! It is sooo beautiful! I really like the compliment jar with the stars! Where are they from?


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