Sectioning Your Whiteboard

I'm here with a quick Bright Idea that has cleaned up my board and made my room feel so much more organized.

I wanted to section off my whiteboard but wasn't sure what to use.  Lots of people use electrical tape, but the tape I found all had cancer warnings so I kept looking around.  I found a safer alternative at Michaels.  It's black photo tape made by Scotch.  It's just like regular tape, except it's black.  It is really easy to use and it's inexpensive too!  I was worried about it lifting and peeling, but it's been almost two months and it still looks perfect!  

I also created some titles for those sections with my Cricut and some vinyl. This really pulled everything together! 
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Best Work Freebie!

School is in full swing and I finally got around to making something I've been meaning to make.  

Whenever I pass back classwork, I tell my kids to show it off to their parents.  Well, I sometimes find these papers in their backpacks LONG after I passed them out :-(  Worse, some kids will tell me their work went into the trash... What I realized was that kids need a way to show their work off, so I started sending out magnetic clips.  They weren't very cute though, and they were pricey too.  I decided to create my own this year with some adorable Melonheadz clip art!  This is how they turned out:

Would you like to create some show off clips?  Head over to my store and pick up your copy for free :-)
I LOVE them and I think my kids will love them too!  

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