Sectioning Your Whiteboard

I'm here with a quick Bright Idea that has cleaned up my board and made my room feel so much more organized.

I wanted to section off my whiteboard but wasn't sure what to use.  Lots of people use electrical tape, but the tape I found all had cancer warnings so I kept looking around.  I found a safer alternative at Michaels.  It's black photo tape made by Scotch.  It's just like regular tape, except it's black.  It is really easy to use and it's inexpensive too!  I was worried about it lifting and peeling, but it's been almost two months and it still looks perfect!  

I also created some titles for those sections with my Cricut and some vinyl. This really pulled everything together! 
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  1. This idea makes all the difference in the world! Yours look great and sectioning off keeps boards from looking cluttered and really highlights the important stuff! Love your vinyl lettering!

  2. Love this idea! I have done it with colored tape.. but black looks way more clean!

    Jennifer with Simply Kinder


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