3,2,1 Sale Linky

I'm so excited about this upcoming sale!  I've been trying to hold off buying some awesome resources  till now.

I'm linking up for a 3,2,1 Sale Linky with The Apple Basket Teacher:

Up first: 3 items I already own and absolutely LOVE!

Interactive Social Studies Journal from Primary Graffiti
We don't have a SS curriculum in my school so this resource was a must.

I love bundles! Lita has lots of bundles and I own them all, but this one is my favorite.  The best thing is that this is a growing bundle so she will keep adding to it until she reaches the TpT upload limit. 

This last one was my most recent and most expensive purchase to date, but it's going to be well worth it. 

Nonfiction Resources for the YEAR! {A GROWING Bundle}

I couldn't pass this one up!  It's going to have non-fiction themed resources for an entire year for grades K-3.  The reason I like these so much is because I can thoroughly  teach with everything in it and include my other resources to dig deep into the theme.  If I don't have too much teaching time for the theme, I can cover it quickly with a few resources in these bundles.  A MUST own.

Next: 2 items I have on my wishlist.  I have lots more, but these are my main two priorities.
This one has very easy and simple to read passages that are perfect to build fluency in my emerging readers. It's half off right now, so I might not wait till Monday to purchase ;)

I don't own the first bundle yet, but this second bundle looks perfect for what I need now in the second half of first grade. 

Last: 1 item from my store:
This set saves me so much time!! I backed my objectives posters with scrapbook paper, (1st picture below) but I love how my friend Teri from A Cupcake for the Teacher posted them using metal rings (2nd picture below):
So what will you be picking up during the sale?  Make sure to link up with The Apple Basket Teacher for her 3,2,1 sale linky!

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