Currently: January

1. My husband and I always watch the Twilight Zone on new years eve/day.  It's become a tradition. We have no clue how that started.

2. I am LOVING Netflix.  We've had a subscription for a few years but I didn't start using it regularly till this year.  My latest watch is Breaking Bad.

3. No school work has been done this whole break.  It's been nice, but now I'm starting to panic a little.  Will I plan tomorrow? Probably not.  Maybe on Saturday :)

4. I am wanting some new clip art to create some more.  My cart is full so maybe I should pick some things up tonight.

5. As much as I love this break, it goes FAST!  It's always really busy and there is always something going on. I am needing more time to rest, relax, and SLEEP.

Yes: To eat less fast food.  The older I get the more I hate junk food/fast food.  Yes it's tasty and easy, but I feel really gross after eating it.  My husband has been really good at making food almost every day, but we go out to eat if we forget to grocery shop.

My maybe is a big goal for this year.  I want to go to Vegas for the TpT conference in July.  I didn't go last year and my FOMO kicked in bad.  This may be my year. I really want to meet Paul (TpT founder) and express my gratitude.

My wish is tied to my YES.  I hope that by eating out less, I will feel healthier and hopefully lose some weight.  The emphasis here is on feeling healthier.

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What I'm Loving Wednesday

I can't resist a fun linky when I see one :)

I'm linking up with Michelle at Big Time Literacy for her What I'm Loving Wednesday.

1. Winter Break.  I can't get enough of spending time with my family, sleeping in, and just not worrying about anything!  Plus all the food.

2. Christmas!  It's absolutely my favorite holiday of all.  My husband loves it too so we put the Christmas tree up really early leave it up for a very LONG time :)  It just makes me happy to see those lights and our ornaments.

3.  Our family ornaments.  This year my hubby and I started a new tradition.  I created an ornament for each family member and we each hung up our ornaments on our tree after Thanksgiving dinner.  I love how each of our family members are physically represented on our tree.

This is what they look like:

4. TpT. It's not any kind of secret that teachers love TpT.  I began buying resources about 4 years ago and selling about 3 years ago.  I have been able to do so much for my kids and my family because of TpT.  Feeling very blessed and grateful.  

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Christmas Ornaments

I'm linking up with Tara for Monday Made It to show some ornaments I made for our family.

I picked up some shatterproof ornaments from Hobby Lobby and created an ornament for each member of our family.  Our whole family gets together for Thanksgiving, so they all came over and each person got to hang their ornament on our tree.  Now our tree is a physical reminder of our loved ones.

This picture was posted on Instagram and Cheryl from Primary Graffiti had the great idea of creating an ornament for each student in her class.  So that is what I will be working on for the next couple of days :)  

To make these you will need:
1. Shatterproof ornaments (I don't want anyone's ornament breaking).
2. Vinyl (from Joann's).
3. Ribbon

I used my Cricut to cut the vinyl out.  I chose to use only a few core colors for the ornaments and all my vinyl was white.  Since all the vinyl was the same color, I wanted to have the fonts represent the personalty of each person.  Thank goodness for KG fonts and :)

Make sure to link up with Tara and show us what you've been making for your family and students!

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