MLK Freebies Galore!

MLK Day snuck up on my this year big time.  So I went on a hunt to find some quality resources that I could use this week.  Well, I found tons and lots for free :-)  Click on the pictures to be taken to TpT where you can download each file.  Don't forget to leave some feedback if you download :-)

This is a cute flip book from Fun in First that can be used in grades K-2.

This next one is from Simply Kinder.  It includes three versions to choose from! The text difficulty is geared towards k-2.

For older students grades 2-5, this freebie from One Lesson at a Time is perfect!  

How awesome is this foldable from Teachers With Apptitude?  
If you have time for a craft, this one from A Spoonful of Learning is so sweet!  The kids write their dream inside the heart.

Looking for some Print and Go activities?  Sheila Melton created this set for K-2.

Last, some close reading for grades 1 & 2, from Thank God it's First Grade:

Lots of good stuff out there!  We are going to have one BUSY week with the 100th day of school and our MLK studies :) 

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Compliment Jar - Bright Idea for Classroom Management

It's time for some Bright Ideas!  Today's idea is very simple but can have a positive impact on your classroom management. 

When I student taught my mentor teacher used the ever famous marble jar for any time she wanted to reward the whole class.  Kind of like table points, but for all students at the same time.  I faithfully did that until one day when I put in 3 marbles and the whole jar shattered.  My kids went running to pick up the marbles and were touching broken glass! NOT good!  Plus, the marble jar took forever to fill up. Enter my Star Jar AKA Compliment Jar.

I decided to make a jar that could never break, and would be quicker to fill up.  According to some sources whole group rewards such as these should pay off quicker rather than later.  So I decided on 15 compliments to fill up our jar. 

The little star cut outs have magnets attached to them so that they can stay on the whiteboard.  You could easily use velcro if you are going attach them to your wall or butcher paper instead. 

The class earns a star whenever they receive a compliment from someone.  It can be for walking in line nicely, working quietly, being kind to one another, getting ready quickly.  Anything like that. When the jar is full my class votes on a small celebration.  It can be anything like an extra recess, watching a video, bringing in some treats etc.  

My class gets so excited about filling up our jar.  Once it's full, we empty it out and start all over again.  My kids love it and it gives us something special to work towards as a class.

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New Year's Goals

I'm linking up with Erica from Erica's Ed-Ventures to share my New Years goals. 

One of my personal goals is to start a family.  We're in no rush, but it would be nice to have kids (twins would be awesome) before 2016.

My husband and I are going to try to cut back on fast food.  We would love to cut it out all together, but I have to be realistic and know that we won't be able to stick to that.  So maybe eating out no more than twice a month is doable.  Some days when we forget to grocery shop, we eat out almost four times a week.  That leave us feeling tired and gross!  The older I get the more I dislike unhealthy food.
I have two professional goals.  The first is to find a new job near my house.  I've only taught at one school my entire career and it's about a 30-45 minute stressful freeway drive all thew way there.  As much as I love my school, I just can't keep waking up at 5am to get there by 7am.  Now the hard part is narrowing down what I want to do.  I can't decide what grade to teach, which school to teach at, or if I want to become a reading interventionist.  When I went back for my master's I made sure to get my reading endorsement along with it.  So now there are SO many options.  Especially with AZ being in a teacher shortage crisis.  (I believe we are about 500 teachers short across the state.  Many schools have long term subs because they can't find teachers.)  Thankfully, that leaves a lot of options wide open for qualified teachers.

My second goal has to do with Teachers Pay Teachers.  I hope to keep creating and adding great products to my store and I hope to be able to go to Vegas this summer and meet so many of the teachers that inspired me to start up a store and blog. 
My greatest financial goal is to make enough on TpT to help my husband stay in school full-time.  He decided to go back to school for his bachelors after the age of 30.  The success rate is not great for this age range, and I am so proud of his dedication and determination.  He gets home after work and hits the books every evening.  I don't know how he does it!

What are your resolutions for this year?  Link up with Erica and share your resolutions for 2015!

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