3-D Butterfly Project and President's Day Directed Drawing

I was going through my flash drive and found some pictures of projects my class made long before I blogged :)

Please note that these were taken back before I had a decent camera.  The sole purpose for these pictures was for me to remember my past activities.  (I never noticed how warped my old camera made my pictures look.)
I fell in love with these the moment I saw them!  This project was NOT my idea.  It was created by a teacher named Mrs. Don and I found it via The Second Grade Teacher's Club.  I really wish she blogged because she has some amazing ideas!

The pictures I found did not have any directions on how to make them, so I improvised.  Want to make them?  Read below to find out how I made them:

Getting your butterflies:
Find butterfly clip art via Google Images. I just searched for "butterfly black and white" and tons of images popped up.  I fit about 6-9 butterflies on each sheet.  Then print them on transparencies. You can then cut them out or have the students can cut them out. 

Directions for your students:
1. Paint the blue and green with tempera paint on white construction paper.
2. Use brown tissue paper to make mountains. 
3. Use cotton to make clouds.
4. Pick 3 or 4 butterflies.  (I made some butterflies large, medium and small.)
5. Color the butterflies with sharpies and let them dry.
6.  Fold the butterflies in half and glue them down with a generous amount of glue.
7. Add details. 
8.  Write about butterflies.

This project did take a bit of time, you might want to do the process over a couple of days.

Another project I found in my pre-blogging pictures is this one:
It's a directed drawing from an OLD Evan Moore book.  

I did some searching via Pinterest and found this print out is now available digitally at TeacherFileBox.  Click below to view it the link:

I can't wait to make those butterflies with my first graders this year!  We are going to Butterfly Wonderland soon and it would be the perfect project to wrap up our study.

March Currently

Listening: It’s been sprinkling here and there for the past couple of days and it's been nice! 

Loving: My old printer was having a hard time, so I picked up a new laser printer from Amazon for only $59.  The toner lasts forever!

Thinking:  Parent conference time always sneaks up on me, but this year I was able to stay ahead of it and am ready to go!

Wanting:  I’ve been printing reminders, calendars, letters etc. on color paper so that they stand out to parents and I am running out of my favorite colors! I might just pick some up at Sam’s.

Needing: My husband and I have been making weekly menus to keep us from eating fast food.  It’s been working, but we have to stay on top of the weekly menu planning and food shopping or it all goes downhill.

Spring Break Plans: I want to plan out the last two months of the year and get caught up on some sleep :-)

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