3-D Butterfly Project and President's Day Directed Drawing

I was going through my flash drive and found some pictures of projects my class made long before I blogged :)

Please note that these were taken back before I had a decent camera.  The sole purpose for these pictures was for me to remember my past activities.  (I never noticed how warped my old camera made my pictures look.)
I fell in love with these the moment I saw them!  This project was NOT my idea.  It was created by a teacher named Mrs. Don and I found it via The Second Grade Teacher's Club.  I really wish she blogged because she has some amazing ideas!

The pictures I found did not have any directions on how to make them, so I improvised.  Want to make them?  Read below to find out how I made them:

Getting your butterflies:
Find butterfly clip art via Google Images. I just searched for "butterfly black and white" and tons of images popped up.  I fit about 6-9 butterflies on each sheet.  Then print them on transparencies. You can then cut them out or have the students can cut them out. 

Directions for your students:
1. Paint the blue and green with tempera paint on white construction paper.
2. Use brown tissue paper to make mountains. 
3. Use cotton to make clouds.
4. Pick 3 or 4 butterflies.  (I made some butterflies large, medium and small.)
5. Color the butterflies with sharpies and let them dry.
6.  Fold the butterflies in half and glue them down with a generous amount of glue.
7. Add details. 
8.  Write about butterflies.

This project did take a bit of time, you might want to do the process over a couple of days.

Another project I found in my pre-blogging pictures is this one:
It's a directed drawing from an OLD Evan Moore book.  

I did some searching via Pinterest and found this print out is now available digitally at TeacherFileBox.  Click below to view it the link:

I can't wait to make those butterflies with my first graders this year!  We are going to Butterfly Wonderland soon and it would be the perfect project to wrap up our study.

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  1. Your kiddos always do such a wonderful job. LOVE the presidents!
    My Second Sense


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