Five for Friday

It's been a while since I linked up for Five for Friday.  Time to join in the fun!  Here is a recap of some things that have been going on in our classroom!

1.  Field Trip to Butterfly Wonderland.  If you ever visit Arizona, make sure you stop by here!  It is amazing!  The butterflies are everywhere. Make sure you bring a camera with you!  This is one of the pictures I took while there. 
Just a word of warning if you are iffy with insects…they land right on you if you wear light color clothes.  All my kids were so excited about that, but there was one child there from another class that was having a panic attack.  

Quite a few landed on the kids and some of our chaperones.  
Seriously magical! 

2.  We are required by our school to wear name tags when going on field trips.  There weren't enough of the schools ones around for everyone to get one, so I whipped some up for my kids.  They were thrilled with the idea of keeping them to remember their field trip! P.S. my husband had an idea that they should look like backstage passes.  So that got my wheels spinning to create these :-)
Link for these field trip badges HERE.

3.  We read one of my favorite rabbit read alouds and the kids made these cute creepy carrots to go with them:
You can find the craft HERE and the writing paper HERE.

4. My April newsletter and calendar went out on time!  I consider it a huge victory every time that happens :-)
Newsletters HERE
Calendars HERE

5.  I finally got around to making my own schedule cards and I of course had to put them on ribbon :-)   It's so nice knowing I don't have to write up my schedule on my board anymore!
Schedule Cards HERE

I have some more things to share, but that will have to wait until I find my memory card.  How was your week?  Make sure to link up for Five for Friday!


  1. The creepy carrots are adorable!! How fun! Thanks for sharing your ideas. Happy Easter!
    Joya :)

    1. Thank you Joya! These carrots were a lot of fun :) Thanks for stopping by to visit!

  2. Your schedule cards are super cute and I added your newsletter product to my wishlist. I think I might need that for next year. :)

    1. Thank you Crystal! The newsletters have been a huge with with my parents. Parent communication has been my focus this year and my newsletters were the first thing I implemented. The effort has been well worth it :)

  3. Love those creepy carrots! We made some during our family reading night but I'd love to do something with it in class. My first graders are obsessed with the book!

    Paiges of Learning

    1. Isn't this such an awesome book? My kids loved it and it's such a fun read!

  4. I love the carrots! I wish I had had time to read this book before we went on Spring Break! They are adorable!!

    1. It's never too late to read it :-) I got this one last year in May and read it to my second graders. They loved it!

  5. Well, I'm certainly not the first to say it, but I love those carrot's, too! I have GOT to keep that in mind for Halloween next year.
    I also love putting things on ribbon - I have my "How I Get Home" on a ribbon and put a cute tiny clothespin with their number on the picture that matches how they get home. It's quick and easy to see how everyone goes home and helps with those kids who sometimes go home a different way because I can just move the clothespin! :)

    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments Blog

    1. Gotta love puttying things on a ribbon! Makes it so easy to move it all around and it looks so cute ;-)

  6. Love the carrots too. I liked your butterfly pics as well. I found a great butterfly play for the kiddos at It is very easy to do and the kids learn something about the life cycle.


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