Test Motivation and Testing Freebie

It's that time of the year...Testing time.  Wether you support testing, or not, it's here to stay so teachers do their best to make the best of it for the kids.  

Our school is going to be doing multiple things to pep the kids up for their BIG test.  Something that we always do is write letters to a buddy class.  Each grade level in the lower grades gets partnered up with an upper grade classroom.  This year my first graders will be writing to a 4th grade class.  

We send them treats throughout the week and send letters encouraging them. This year I wanted to change it up a bit and have my students write brochures giving advice and tips for rocking the test.  I created this brochure below and the kids all loved them!

Our buddy classroom is always so excited to read their letters.  They keep them and read them throughout the week.

Are you testing soon?  Make sure to pick up my testing sign (also a freebie) to hang outside your door. Click on the picture below to pick up this sign.

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