2 for Tuesday - Melonheadz Style!

I'm back to share another 2 for hosted by Chalk One Up for the Teacher!  Through Tuesday both these items will be marked down 50% off.  If you miss out on the Tuesday deal, don't fret!  These two items will remain on sale 20% off for the rest of the week.

Today I'm sharing two highly wish listed items from my store:

These schedule cards can be used to display your daily schedule.  I included all the kid designs in every color so you can coordinate them as you would like.

They look like this when finished:
The cards are editable using PowerPoint, so you can create cards for any purpose in your classroom!

Next up are my editable field trip badges.
I think we can all agree that field trips are a big deal!  My school requires that all children wear badges when going on field trips.  This year I was thinking about how special these trips are to my kids and realized how nice it would be if my kids could have a special field trip badge that they could wear and get to take home as a keepsake.  I created these ones for my kids below:
I printed them on brightly colored paper and laminated them.  My kids were thrilled to find out they were going to get to take them home.  Parents were so thankful for them too!  They were able to put the badge in their album along with some pictures they took at the field trip.  It added something special to our day.  This is definitely something I will do every year for my kids!

Pick them both up 50% off through today only!

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  1. You always make the cutest stuff...these are simply adorable!! xoxo


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