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It's Monday Made It time once again!  I'm always much more productive during the summers when MMI comes around again.  Thanks Tara for running this awesome linky full of inspiration!

I made two students gifts for my kids that they absolutely loved!
The first one is these Mother's Day mug with the kids' silhouettes.  They took a while to make, but they were absolutely worth every minute!

I made it with my Cricut and some Vinyl.  The mugs are from the Dollar Tree.  I posted the picture above on Instagram and lots of people asked me about them.  I created a quick tutorial that details all the materials needed and shows you step by step how to get the silhouettes onto the mugs without bubbling. You can view the tutorial HERE.

I also made one for my sister-in-law and she adored it! You can see her's below:

I always have given gifts and they've varied from a favorite book we read together, buckets filled with goodies/activities for the summer, sunglasses etc.  The past two years I gave my kids water bottles.  One of the things I felt sad about was the fact that I gave them away and never got to see my kids enjoy their gifts, so this year I passed them out on the Monday of the last week of school.  I used my Cricut to cut out my students' names with permanent vinyl.  Permanent vinyl is really important or the letters will lift off easily.  Each child chose their bottle color and I quickly put their name on it while  they ate breakfast.  I've never seen such excited kids!  They wanted to take their bottles with them everywhere they went!  And I have never seen children drink so much water in my life!  This is definitely a gift I will have to recreate next year.  (These particular bottles can be found at the 99 cent store.)

On the very last day I passed out first grade diplomas.  Even though my kids knew they had passed on to second grade, they still looked so thrilled to be told they were now second graders :-)  They cheered each other on as they came up to the front of the class to receive their diploma.  I laminated each one for durability and I put them in sheet protectors along with their final report card, end of the year letter, and their summer reading log.  I loved their excitement! The round medallions you see below are from the talented Molly from Lucky to be in First.

What have you been creating for your home or classroom?  Link up with Tara for MMI!


  1. Love the silhouette mugs...adorable! Our PTO just purchased our school 2 cricuts and I cannot wait to utilize them in decorating my classroom. :)

  2. Love it all!! You're ADORABLE with these

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

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