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This is my last summer Monday!  The summer flew and it's now over.  I don't have to work today but if my room is going to be ready for meet the teacher night, going in is kind of a must.

Made It One: I think we've all seen those amazing reading benches on Pinterest by now.  These have been on my mind for years but I didn't think I had room for one.  After seeing Teeny Tiny Teacher's  reading bench on Instagram, I just knew I had to find room somewhere for a bench.  I realized one could be squeezed right between my desk and my library. Perfect!  So my husband and I ran to Ikea and picked these up:
 While I set up bulletin boards my husband put this beauty together.  So maybe it's his Made it??
Now my original configuration was suppose to look like a corner bench, but the two little cubes didn't work that way, so I stacked them up instead.  I can't wait to see my kids reading on this bench! Now to figure out what to put inside the cubes.  I'm thinking book bins, manipulatives, or baskets for extra general storage.

Made It 2: 
I updated my word wall to fit my theme better.  I'm excited to put it up today. Whenever I create I always try out several versions of something.  The first set had a brights background, I then wanted to see what they would look like with a black background.  I liked them both! I then made a white background version to complete the set.  I'm having a hard time deciding which one to use...
What have you been creating?  Please share and link up with Tara for Monday Made It!


  1. Love the colors of the word wall headers! Bright and fun

  2. The bench is a great idea! I am jealous that you have an Ikea so close. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise for me though not to have one near by or I'd probably spend way too much money there.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I love the bench! The pillows look great. Your word wall headers are adorable.


  4. I love the bench. I would love to have that in my room, but I feel like I have no room. I'd love to see a picture of your room when you've finished decorating for the year. The closest IKEA is about 2 hours from me in Atlanta. I keep thinking I'll go, but I haven't yet. I might just make it for that cute bench and I need bookshelves!
    Are We There Yet?

  5. I love that bench!! So cute!


  6. So love that bench!!! I think this week's Monday Made It has a little husband helper theme;) Thanks for linking up all your wonderfulness! Have a wonderful start back to school!!
    4th Grade Frolics

  7. I love that bench! I think I already have too much furniture in my classroom, or I would definitely want to make one for myself!

    Enchanted in Elementary

  8. The reading bench is adorable! Your students will LOVE that cozy space for reading!

    Jill :)
    ABCs and Polkadots

  9. I will we had an IKEA out here in Syracuse, NY. I love how you used the shelves as a reading nook. What a fabulous idea!

    Elementary School Garden

  10. That bench is beyond adorable! And I'm all about extra storage :) Thanks for sharing!!


  11. Great minds think alike because I did this same bench made it, but for my daughter after emptying her book shelf.
    Kovescence of the Mind

  12. Love the bench! I'll be running to IKEA next week for some furniture for my classroom too... but I need to SEE my new classroom first so I know what I need!

  13. I love your new bench! I'm sure you'll figure out what to store in the open sections sooner than you think. You know how it goes! Your word wall headers are adorable. I love everything you make!

    Primarily Speaking

  14. Love the storage! I too was looking to buy the same but to fit my neon book bins from Really Good Stuff. Do you think I could fit 3 inside each???

  15. Love your reading bench! What a great idea!

    Team J's Second Grade Fun

  16. Love your bench. That was so creative to have it go vertically. I bet it will provide lots of storage and a comfy reading spot!

    My Bright Blue House

  17. I love the bench! I wish I had room for something like that in my classroom!

  18. I love the bench! I've always wanted to make one. I really want to make the bench with two bookshelves on either side to make a little reading nook area. That would be so cute!

  19. I LOVE the bench!!!! I am going to ikea this week and will have to see how much it is! Adorable as always!!

    Teach Create Motivate


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