Curriculum Night Flip Book

Do you already own my BTS flip book?  If not, you can read about it by clicking HERE.

My team was looking for a way to share strategies with our parents and the thought of giving out a bunch of handouts was not appealing to us. Especially when parents are collecting them throughout the night from other teachers.  We wanted ours to stand out, so I got to work on putting together an all in one handout by creating a new flip book!  
Parents absolutely loved them!  They commented how easy it was for them to refer back to once they're at home.  Gotta love that!

If you already own my BTS flip book, you can just re-download to get this new addition :-)  Click on the picture below to re-download.


TpT Back-to-School Resource Linky

I'm linking up with Wise Guys to share some resources that will get your year off on the right foot :-)

First up I'm sharing my Meet the Teacher flip book.  What better way to begin the year than by handing out a flip book that will wow your parents and inform them of everything they will need to know for the year?

 Take a peek inside:
 These are editable and include predesigned templates as well as a completely blank template that can be customized as needed.
You can click HERE to view a detailed post about these flip books :)
Click on the picture below if you are interested in this flip book :-)

Are you looking to keep your parents informed throughout the year?  This communication bundle is a huge help in keeping parents in the loop.  Parents have commented to me how much they love knowing  everything that their child is doing!  I'm excited to start the year with all these resources ready to go.

Here are a couple of samples of what is in this bundle:
These newsletter templates are super easy to fill out and streamlined to be easy to read.  These have made me narrow down the most important information I want going home to share with parents.

These calendars are a parent favorite!  The parents have mentioned that they hang these up on the fridge to keep track of school events. They will even jot down notes for their other children going to school.

The bundle below includes four time saving files in one download.  They are all editable. The designs are ready to go, you just type and print your handouts!

Get these products 28% off on August 3rd and 4th during the BIG TpT BTS sale! 


Bulletin Boards - Tips and Tricks

I was talking with some teacher friends recently and we were discussing how online collaboration is such  benefit in teaching now a days.  When I began teaching there weren't many teacher bloggers out there and TpT wasn't heard of yet so you only had a small group to draw ideas from.  Now we have the world of teaching at our fingertips and that is incredible.  I love how #2getherwearebetter encourages that world wide collaboration amongst educators.  Angie and Ashley, you rule!

Now onto this months topic: Bulletin Boards
I'm going to be talking bulletin board tips, tricks, and ideas.  Tips and tricks are first, and you'll find some bulletin board ideas at the bottom of the post. 

Tip #1 My first tip is to try to keep background colors consistent.  I've had a room where every single bulletin board was a different color.  It was kind of distracting.  I now try to keep it to two colors.

Tip #2
Use the same boarder color/style for every bulletin board.  I purchase the cheap stuff from craft stores with 50% off coupons.  They are so much less expensive and don't district your eye from the bulletin board.  You can layer them beautifully if you like adding lots of color. 

Use pins to hang up bulletin board paper before stapling it down.  I learned this one from a veteran teacher when I was brand new.  I'll admit I didn't do that this year and I'm regretting it big time!  Here's what you do and why you should try it.  

Hang up your bulletin board paper one day before you actually want to finish up that board.  Instead of stapling in place, use push pins to hold the paper down (you'll need a generous amount of push pins). Leave it this way for at least one day.  The next day you will see that the paper will be sagging and bubbling up off the walls.  Now you can stretch the paper out again and staple it down.  It won't sag or puff up anymore because it's already all stretched out.  The veteran teacher I learned this from always has the smoothest looking walls every single year.  I spied on her to find out her secret and that is what I found out :-D

Do as I say and not as I do because this year I thought, "ah, I'll skip that step" and guess what? I have puffy bulletin boards :( Now I'll either have to deal with it or have to fix them during the school year.

Push pins to the rescue again!  This same mentor teacher always uses push pins to hold down what she wants to hang up before stapling.  I never skip this step.  It's so easy to reposition things when they are just pinned vs. when they have already been stapled. 

Use a ruler to to keep things at similar distances.  I also like to use a level but sometimes a ruler makes the job go so fast!  I hung up my alphabet line and lots of borders this way. 

Onto some ideas:

Idea 1#
I love the look of scrapbook paper in the classroom. The scrapbook paper makes the set up look special and different.  I added clothespins to hold up student work and a bow for a pop of color.  The best thing about this board is that it looks good even when nothing is on display.  

Create titles for your bulletin boards.  If you have an electronic die cutter (i.e. Cricut or Silhouette) use our own fonts to create titles.  Don't have those options?  Head over to KG Fonts and download some free fonts.  Just print them out and hand cut!  They will give your bulletin boards some flair!

Use cabinets to your advantage!  I have a whole wall of cabinetry.  It's wonderful having that much storage, but it eats up a lot of my wall space.  I use my cabinets as my word wall!  Gives me plenty of space  to display my words and adds interest to a plain space :-) 

Do you have some tips or tricks to share with us? Please link up below and tell us all about them!


August Currently

I'm linking up with Farley for Currently!

Listening: I can't believe I didn't already own 1989. Not sure what took me so long!

Loving: My revamped teacher toolbox.  I'm in love!

Thinking: about the upcoming TpT sale.  I'm loading up my cart!

Wanting and needing: self explanatory :-)

BTS RAK: I'll be working on my goody bags for my team. Hope they like them!

Now head over and link up for this month!


First Grade Teacher Tips - Link Up

Hello!  I'm linking up with my talented friend Jen from Sparkling in Second Grade for some First Grade Teacher Tips.
I taught second grade for 7 years and this past year was my first year teaching first grade.  I was a little nervous at first but I ended up loving this grade level!  I'm excited for this upcoming year because I will actually know what to expect this time around :-)

My first tip is a super simple! Print up a lots of sticky labels with your students names already on them!  Seriously, have a bunch ready to go with first names and last names.  Coming down from second, I didn't realize some of my kids wouldn't know how to write their names.  I was taken aback when I saw a kids that wrote their first initial instead of their whole name.  Instead of stressing out those kids on the first days, I took some labels and had them attach one to their work.  When there was time, I pulled those students aside and started working with them on how to properly write their names.  These also came in handy when labeling their belongings.

Start sending home books right away along with some sight word cards.  Huge milestones happen in first grade!  Kids learn how to read in just a matter of months!  I made the mistake of justing sending home decodable readers (kind of boring) and thinking that was enough.  It's definitely not enough. If you have them leveled, send home books that are at that child's level.  If you don't have them leveled, have the kids pick out a fun book that they can read with their parents.  Parents will appreciate this and it will give your kids a chance to read something fun and engaging. You'd be surprised at how much harder they try to read actual books over decodable books.

Plan out class bathroom breaks.  Our kindergarten wing has bathrooms inside the classroom.  The kids were able to go to the bathroom at any time during the day without having to leave the building.  Our first grade classrooms do not have a bathroom inside. Our kids have to go out of the building and through the playground in order to go to the bathroom.  Instead of having kids leave the room over and over again, structure bathroom breaks throughout the day.  I planned on two but ended up needed four breaks.  It seemed that at about every 45 minutes-1hour the kids needed to go.  This year I'm planning them into the day. By the end of the year we were down to 1-2 bathroom breaks in the day.

Do you teach first grade?  Please link up with us and share your First Grade Teacher Tips!

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