Curriculum Night Flip Book

Do you already own my BTS flip book?  If not, you can read about it by clicking HERE.

My team was looking for a way to share strategies with our parents and the thought of giving out a bunch of handouts was not appealing to us. Especially when parents are collecting them throughout the night from other teachers.  We wanted ours to stand out, so I got to work on putting together an all in one handout by creating a new flip book!  
Parents absolutely loved them!  They commented how easy it was for them to refer back to once they're at home.  Gotta love that!

If you already own my BTS flip book, you can just re-download to get this new addition :-)  Click on the picture below to re-download.


  1. Hi there,
    I purchased the back to school night flip book but can not get into the directions to put it together. Is there a link that you can send me so that I may see the video? Thank you, Micheal

    1. Hi Michael!
      Have you been able to view it yet? It's a Youtube video so there shouldn't be any difficulty viewing it as long as you launch the video from the PDF included in the directions.


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