TpT Back-to-School Resource Linky

I'm linking up with Wise Guys to share some resources that will get your year off on the right foot :-)

First up I'm sharing my Meet the Teacher flip book.  What better way to begin the year than by handing out a flip book that will wow your parents and inform them of everything they will need to know for the year?

 Take a peek inside:
 These are editable and include predesigned templates as well as a completely blank template that can be customized as needed.
You can click HERE to view a detailed post about these flip books :)
Click on the picture below if you are interested in this flip book :-)

Are you looking to keep your parents informed throughout the year?  This communication bundle is a huge help in keeping parents in the loop.  Parents have commented to me how much they love knowing  everything that their child is doing!  I'm excited to start the year with all these resources ready to go.

Here are a couple of samples of what is in this bundle:
These newsletter templates are super easy to fill out and streamlined to be easy to read.  These have made me narrow down the most important information I want going home to share with parents.

These calendars are a parent favorite!  The parents have mentioned that they hang these up on the fridge to keep track of school events. They will even jot down notes for their other children going to school.

The bundle below includes four time saving files in one download.  They are all editable. The designs are ready to go, you just type and print your handouts!

Get these products 28% off on August 3rd and 4th during the BIG TpT BTS sale! 


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