Five for Friday - September 11, 2015

I'm back with a little recap ;-)

1. I haven't been the best with blogging this year, so I was very proud of myself when I was actually able to get my classroom tour up and I even linked up for #2getherwearebetter with Ashley and Angie, and Blog Hoppin'!
2. My kids were not drinking much water so I decided to do something about that and picked up some of these bottles from The Dollar Tree and personalized them.  My kids adore them! They wear them wherever we go.  I made sure to grab the kind with a strap so prevent them from getting lost. They are drinking lots of water now and they even bring a little snack to school inside the hidden compartment underneath.
3.  I'm kind of obsessed with label making! I printed up a bunch of labels from THIS SET to have them ready to go.  They sure are coming in handy :-)
4.  Target saved the day! I ran out and bought lots of folders for next year at 50% off. I know they clearance them out much cheaper later on, but last year I  waited a little too long and didn't get a chance to grab anything :-( This year I jumped on it.
5.  Meet Lola! A niece of a friend found this little one roaming the street by herself :-0 They were looking for a home for her and I just couldn't say no!! She got her check up and the vet says she is one healthy, happy little Chihuahua weighing in a 1.2 pounds :-) We LOVE her! She loves to snuggle and hops around the house.
Today being September 11th, I am going to be talking to my firsties about 9/11.  How do you approach the topic?  I talk about it in first grade terms and then talk about our real life heroes.  I'll be using this September 11th book by Creativity to the Core.

  What have you been up to? Make sure to link up for Five for Friday and share your week's happenings!


  1. Your classroom is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I teach in Junior High in France and I'd love to have a class like this one....
    Thanks a lot for the tour!

  2. You are amazing friend!! LOVE your labels!! I did a Target run too!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  3. I love your room! Great job! Water bottles scare me? Are they everywhere?

  4. Your classroom is seriously amazing! Also those labels are hilarious but probably super useful!

    Years That Ask Questions

  5. I'm just going to come hang out in your room :)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  6. Your classroom, your resources, literally everything about you is teacher goals!!! I am a TPT author//blogger too and I literally aspire to get on your level!


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